Business Plan of Audi

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This strategic business plan focuses on the Audi Group and which strategies it should pursue to realize its growth objectives in the automotive industry. First of all, the company´s business, mission and vision are introduced. A market overview is given and Audi´s current market position is analysed. Furthermore, a SWOT analysis is made which serves to make assumptions about Audi´s future performance and objectives are formulated. Last, resource requirements and budgets are laid out in order to understand the financial considerations behind the formulated strategies. The report will end with a short conclusion. It is important to note that only secondary data, e.g. the Internet was used to write this report.

I. Company Presentation

A. Overview

Audi is a German company headquartered in Ingolstadt, which produces and designs automobiles. Due to the fact that the company owns the two brands Audi and Lamborghini, it is active in the premium and supercar segments. Audi is currently employing 59,513 people. (Datamonitor, 2010)

B. Brand Essence and Values
Audi´s philosophy and ambition is to develop pioneering automotive concepts, which fulfill their customers’ high expectations. This philosophy is captured in the brand essence “Vorsprung durch Technik” which includes the brand values sportiness, sophistication and progressiveness. (Audi AG, 2011)
Facts and Figures

In FY 2010, Audi had an operating profit of EUR 3,340 million and an operating return on sales of 9.4 percent. Compared with the industry average, the Audi Group was one of the most profitable businesses in the automotive industry worldwide. In FY 2010, the Audi brand increased its vehicle deliveries in over 80 markets with 1,092,411 vehicles sold. The table below shows the sales of Audi vehicles by region. (Audi AG, 2011)

C. Business Description
Audi is a 99.55% owned subsidiary of Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, Germany. The company operates through production

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