business organizationa and adr

Topics: Alternative dispute resolution, Franchising, Corporation Pages: 4 (1362 words) Published: November 22, 2013
Running head: BUSINESS ORGANIZATION AND ADR Business Organization and ADR Jennifer Sanders Business Law 575 November 18, 2013 Professor Natalie Brown Business Organization and ADR When starting a business as an entrepreneur involves the process of decision-making of several or one specific entity to assist with determining which type to form “such as,” general, limited, cooperative, joint partnership, a franchise, or sole proprietorship. However, determining the type of business to create requires implementing the significant elements of an alternative dispute resolution programs “in order,” to find equitable solutions to emerging disputes that company’s encountered. Once an entrepreneur decides on a specific type of business then selecting vendors is the next step in the process. Serving as a general manager for twelve years owning a franchise “such as,” Whole Foods has been her greatest desire. In fact, Jennifer is saving enough money to purchase her own franchise business. Starting a franchise “such as,” Whole Foods incurs its own distributors to purchase supplies at the same cost as other independent franchises. Locally and globally Whole Foods is an established franchise whereby opening several other stores for built-in customers in inaccessible areas. Establishing and maintaining the image as well as services each entity must learn to follow directives. Consequently, if franchisees lack the experience to keep a quality business funded and operational decrease the elements of success. Sometimes making poor decisions cause a negative effect o the franchise because of a lack of commitment and support. Hence, before entering into an agreement by researching the concept of franchise play a significant role in starting a business. Often, Franchisees have the inside track in reference to franchise relationships along with the necessary resources “in contrast,” to the larger Franchisors. Conversely, federal, and state laws govern as well as protect the Franchisee....

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