business organization

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Business Organization
August 19, 2012
Colette Franklin
Business Organization
I have a one of a kind product that I want to put out into the global market but I do not have the money it takes to put this product to the level it needs to be. I could be the sole proprietorship, where I have a nonincorporated business entirely owned by one person but I may need investors to perform this task. The profits I have acquired have exceeded expectations and I am currently on back order most of the time because I cannot manufacture the product fast enough. I do not have the resources it will take to get this product where it needs to be and where it is heading. I need to issue stock certificates of the business ownership which is called joint- stock company, in order for my product to be useful, productive, and to generate profits. This is one of the most important questions that will be asked by my investors is “will this product generate profits”? Yes, it will. Between the reports of profits that have already been generated and the limited liability, obtaining investors should not be a problem. Limited liability is a legal system that prevents creditors from seizing the personal wealth of a company’s stockholders to pay a company’s debt. Only the money that the stockholders have invested is at risk. I could go another direction and have a partnership with skilled professionals such as bankers, merchants, doctors, lawyers, and accountants where we agree to pool our talents and resources by establishing a company in which we are the only stock-holders and owners. I am aware that some professional sports teams that have partnerships within the organization where problems and issues are worked out professionally. Whichever way I decide to go, I know this is a product that is worth the effort in manufacturing and the positive outcomes that will occur for many years from the use of this product. This is not a product where the consumer uses it once...
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