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Corner Rizal and A. Mabini Street, Legazpi City
Tel. No. (052) 820-29-77

February 2, 2012



2 packsFilter Paper, Qualitive 125mm (12.5cm) @ 120.00
4pcs.Litmus Paper, blue @ 50.00
4pcs.Litmus Paper, red@ 50.00
3pcs.Beaker 250ml. @ 50.00
10pcs.Test Tube 12 x 75 @ 90.00
10pcs.Test Tube 18 x 150
10pcs.Test Tube, Bomex 13 x 100 @ 10.00
10pcs.Test Tube,Bomex 16 x 100 @ 13.00
10pcs.Test Tube,Bomex 16 x 150 @ 14.00
3pcs.Graduated Cylinder 100 ml.
4pcs.Spring Scale. 1000grams @ 120.00
1bx.Surgical Mask 3 ply @ 150.00/box
1bx.Gloves (microflex-ritron nitrile gloves) @ 390.00/box
8pcs.Test Tube brush, large @ 12.00
6pcs.Glass Stirring Rod 6mm x12” @ 30.00
2pcs.Bar Magnet 2”
1pc.Table Double Beam Balance 1000grams @ 2,000.00
2pcs.Mask, particulate respirator N95 w/ organic vapour relief

Please send via Prieto Cargo Forwarders. Thank you.

Very truly yours


Sunwest Compound, Bonot,
Legazpi City
January 8, 2013

Ma. Rowena Reynoso
Evaness Educational Supply
Legazpi City

Dear Sir/Ma’am:

Greetings from PLDT SME Nation!

We are PLDT’s youngest group catering to Small and Medium Enterprises.

Since February of 2008, PLDT SME Nation has been educating, training, and providing Business Owners, Managers and Decision Makers from various industries the latest innovative tools in order to be more competitive in this new Philippine economy of entrepreneurs. PLDT is the leading Telecommunications Provider in the country. As such, SME Nation is equipped with the latest Business-Enabling and Business-Protecting products and services in Fixed Line, Wireless, Information & Communication Technology. It is in my best interest, therefore, to invite you and to join in our upcoming meeting on January 16, 2013 at 6:00pm to 9:00pm at Hotel St Ellis, Legazpi City. We will be educating/ training on the latest PLDT technology to make your business and working environment more efficient and competitive.

For more details, you may reach me through this email address or through my contact details below. QUICTRAX MARKETING CORP.
Sunwest Compound, Bonot,
Legazpi City

We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Operations Manager

3rd floor, Gimenez Bldg., Rizal St., Legazpi City
Phone/Fax: 052.480.4480; CP: 09199103910

January 19, 2012

Brgy. Bonga, Legazpi City


We are writing you this letter in behalf of our client, Evaness Educational Supply and Rowena Reynoso, a resident of Legazpi City.

You owe our clients the total amount of Five Hundred Sixty Thousand Five Hundred Fourteen Pesos and Seven Centavos (P560, 514. 07) which remain unpaid to this date. You have already received and signed Statements of Account setting forth you obligations to our Client and the corresponding Delivery Receipts of the goods/ items that you received and to pay for.

The following checks that you negotiated to our Client in connection with your obligation have been dishonoured by the bank on the date correspondingly indicated:

Note: Photocopies of the check/s are enclosed with this letter This last and final demand is being made to give you the chance to fulfill you obligation within five (5) calendar days receipt of this letter, without going through the expenses, anxieties and rigors of litigation. Should you fail to do so, our client will be constrained to file criminal and/ or civil cases against you and hold you liable for damages attorney’s fees and all expenses of litigation until you pay the whole amount.

Roll No. 46552; 5/2/02; Lifetime IBP No. 02989; 5/2/02
PTR No. 7611411, 1/3/2011; MCLE II No. 0012222

No master but law, no guide but conscience, no goal but justice

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