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PLDT is the leader in providing telecommunication services in the country. The company’s business can be divided into three main business areas: fixed line, wireless, and information and communication technology. PLDT is the leading telecommunications service provider in the Philippines. Through its three principal business groups-wireless, fixed line, and information and communications technology-PLDT offers the largest and most diversified range of telecommunications services across The Philippines’ most extensive fibber optic backbone and wireless, fixed line and satellite networks. PLDT is listed on the Philippines Stock Exchange (PSE: TEL) and its American Depositary Shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:PHI) and the Pacific Exchange. PLDT has one of the largest market capitalizations among the Philippine listed companies. The fixed line business provides local calls, national and international long distance services, which operates around 2.1 million access lines. The wireless segment provides cellular, satellite, and VSAT services. PLDT provides cellular services through SMART, while Piltel is a reseller of SMART’s digital GSM capacity under its own branding and pricing strategy for both voice and text messaging services. The information and communication technology provides solutions for internet applications and multimedia content delivery, with use of internet protocol-based solutions. The internet accesses are provided by Infocom – a subsidiary of ePLDT. And other investees of ePLDT provide e-commerce, call centers, and other IT-related services. HISTORY

During the time of Spanish colonization of the Philippines, the Spaniards organized a telephone company that opened in 1890. PLDT was established on November 28, 1928, by an Act of the Philippine Legislature and approved by then-Governor-General Henry L. Stimson by means of a merger of four telephone companies under common US ownership. Known as Act 3436, the bill granted PLDT a 50-year charter and the right to establish a Philippine telephone network linking major points nationwide. However, PLDT had to meet a 40-day deadline to start implementing the network, which would be implemented over a period of one to four years. By the 1930s, PLDT had an expansive fixed-line network and for the first time linked the Philippines to the outside world via radio telephone services connecting the Philippines to the United States and other parts of the world. Telephone service in the Philippines was interrupted due to World War II. At the end of the war, the Philippines' communications infrastructure was in ruin. U.S. military authorities eventually handed over the remains of the communications infrastructure to PLDT in 1947, and with the help of massive U.S. aid to the Philippines during the 1940s and 1950s, PLDT recovered so quickly that its telephone subscribers outpaced that of pre-war levels by 1953. On December 20, 1967, a group of Filipino entrepreneurs and businessmen led by Ramon...

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