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Department of Business Administration
School of Business and Economics

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Sun Cellular
Time period covered by campaign

Business Administration Department
University of San Carlos
Mr. Cergen Go

Edebel M. Gencianos
Mark D. Mabitad
Krisha Maire Macasero
Cristina N. Montebon
Shehera F. Novo

January 29, 2012

The purpose of this study is to analyze and assess a company’s existing system and identify strategies that can be helpful to the company in terms of efficiency of the processes. Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc., doing business as Sun Cellular, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Digital Telecommunications Philippines, and is one of the Philippines’ mobile telecommunications companies. It was established by Digitel in September 2001 to provide wireless public and private telecommunications services. In October 2011, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) acquired Digitel, including Sun Cellular, from parent JG Summit Holdings. Although PLDT also owns competitor Smart Communications, the two networks remain separate entities with completely independent mobile network infrastructure and corporate management structures. SunCellular First offered good signal in Manila but some parts of Metro Manila get bad coverage. Subscribers growing everyday are not a good news for sun during 2003-04 especially when they introduced 24/7 Call and Texts Unlimited. Suncellular then implemented a risk strategy. SunCellular Voice call began cutting off every 15 minute to give chance to other. and text messages delayed for a few seconds even minutes to cut the network congestion neither these two stopped subscriber to be loyal to SUN. Sun Cellular now offers to cover the Islands of the Philippines. Basically, the target audiences are subscribers from different demographic and social groups including students, employees and other business sectors.  They put extra effort in better understanding to their subscribers so that they can offer them the best value products that suit their needs, budgets and preferences. With this add-on plan can instantly get just about any information that they need with just a few clicks (of course not during class!) on their phones. Now, there is no excuse to not being able to answer and having low grades in school. A student deserves only the best tools that can help him or her excel in school and in life. Stay connected and be a straight-A student with Sun Cellular Mobile Internet Add-On.

Campaign Slogan:
Option 1 “Every day and night, Sun is always right.”
Option 2 “Sun empowering the universe”

I. Review of Marketing Plan
The purpose of this study is to analyze and assess a company’s existing system and identify strategies that can be helpful to the company in terms of efficiency of the processes. In order to achieve the purpose of the study, the group would like to know the chosen company by identifying its profile and its existing system which includes business processes, mission and vision, strengths and weaknesses, the company’s status, and the company’s stand on different issues of the society.

II. Situation Analysis

* Industry/Company review
Sun Cellular has been up for almost 4 years. The President or the CEO of this company is Ms. Raissa Anne S. Bola. It is the fastest growing mobile network in the Philippines. Sun Cellular, having technologies and infrastructure of almost 6-8 years of that of Globe Telecom is a great leap for telecommunications. But coming late into the market may be a little tough for Sun; a whole lot of money must be given for advertising and system improvements. Brief History:

* March, 2003 - Sun Cellular began operations in major cities of the Philippines * October, 2004 - Sun Cellular began to offer 24/7 Call and texts unlimited for 250php a month and 100php for 10 days. Covered more areas of the Philippines * March, 2005 - Sun Cellular began to offer...

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