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Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP)
In 1988, the government launched the CARP through Republic Act (RA) 6657, seeking the distribution of some 10M hectares of agricultural lands to farmers and regular farm workers. The government also directed specific agencies to provide the required support services and other factors needed to ensure socio-economic upliftment of the lives of the beneficiaries through Executive Order (EO) No. 229.

The DTI’s participation in the CARP was formalized with the establishment of the Small and Medium Industrial Technology Transfer Development Program (SMITTDP) in 1989.  SMITTDP is primarily supportive of the government’s focus on countryside development through setting up of rural industries.  

More specifically, SMITTDP promotes entrepreneurship and enterprise development among the farmers and affected landowners and provides the services necessary to ensure the success of their projects

SMITTDP's objectives:
* To tap the idle manpower of farmers and their families for income-generating projects, thereby increasing their household incomes and stimulating industrial activity in their communities * To utilize the newly acquired liquidity of the landowners through investments in agro-industrial projects providing local employment opportunities

Services and programs

Program assistance is directed to Agrarian Reform Communities (ARCs) nationwide. DTI-CARP provides support services to farmers and affected landowners and their families.  Particularly, it assists cooperatives/associations of farmers, landowners, women, and youths, who are capable of managing micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

The program provides comprehensive package of support services to stimulate agro-industrial activities in the ARCs. These services are in the form of: * Trainings/Seminars. Productivity improvement, managerial, basic and upgrading skills trainings/seminars guiding thebeneficiaries with right...
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