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Business English Resources


Business English Role Play Dialogues

These business English dialogues focus on a wide variety of business situations in a role-playing format. Each dialogue is followed by a comprehension quiz to check understanding. Improving Brand Image

This advanced level dialogue and reading comprehension focuses on business associates working on a new branding campaign. For in class use as a dialogue for role-plays, as well as for reading practice with follow-up reading comprehension questions. Telephoning English

Five short English conversations which focus on telephoning in English to be used to practice telephoning English. More Reading and Dialogue Practice
WebVisions Conference
Funds Transfer and Deposits
Placing an Order
Business Reading and Dialogues
Discussing Ideas at a Meeting
Happy Shareholders
Looking for a Bookkeeper
Common Business English Tasks
Standard Business Questions
Talking About Your Job
Telephoning English

Phrases for Conversation

Conversation Word List

Business English Vocabulary
YouTube Business English

Learn Business English Conversation Lesson 61 - (department ...

► 4:31► 4:31 1, 2010 - 5 min - Uploaded by TeacherPhilEnglish Company division, company department, department head and supervisor. I hope these videos help you learn ...

Learn Business Conversation English Lesson 157 (integrity, honesty ...

► 3:22► 3:22 6, 2010 - 3 min - Uploaded by TeacherPhilEnglish Today's lesson words: Integrity, honesty ,accountability. I wish you the best of luck...
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