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Topics: Management, Customer, Cakes Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: February 16, 2013
Propose and recommend possible operational strategies which would improve the operational efficiency for one hypothetical business. (In your answer include relevant case studies / contemporary issues)

My hypothetical business is a cake DIY store which called “DREAM CAKES DIY”. The business provides the material, venues, equipment and professional teacher, let customers design and make their cakes by themselves. Although no experience, they can make a unique cake. In addition the business would help customers design and make their special cakes, for example the wedding dessert custom, business party desert custom and birthday cake order. There are three aspects of strategies for this business’s operation, which include input strategies, output strategies and global strategies. Operations strategies are the activities involved in the production of goods and supply of services and specific decisions about what and how the business production goods and supplies services. The influences on operations strategies must considered by operations managers.

First of all, for input strategies, those six performance objectives, which are quality, speed, dependability, flexibility, customization and cost, are key areas of focus for operations and therefore part of a business’s competitive strategies. The DIY cake store will offer customized products to meet specific customer needs for example the cake DIY services and cake order services, and it will have the highest quality goods and services, because the business will develop their quality management by control, assurance, and improvement. For example McDonalds, there are a few aspects of quality management which is the pledge to its customers. Some of the quality at the source reach to over 40 years encouraging an ever- higher standards, then McDonald’s thieves on customers’ feedback to continuously improve quality and services, and it make sure the meat and fries have to be properly fries and vegetables are thoroughly...
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