Business Communication

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Foundation & Principles Of Business Communication
The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn't being said…



“Use of effective language for conveying a commercial or industrial message to achieve a predetermined purpose.” Business communication is a specialized branch of general communication that is concerned with commercial acts. Communication used to promote a product, service, or organization; relay information within the business; or deal with legal and similar issues. It is also a means of relying between a supply chain, for example the consumer and manufacturer.


Communication is a two way process and includes six basic components: 1. Context – Context is a broad field that includes country, culture, organization, and external or internal stimuli. 2. Sender (Encoder) – When we send a message, we are the “encoder”.. 3. Message – the message is the core idea we wish to communicate. 4. Medium – Oral or written media

5. Receiver (decoder) – The message receiver is our reader or listener. 6. Feedback – It can be an oral or written.


Communication is said to be effective when the receiver understands the same meaning that the sender intended to convey.


Communication is one of the basic functions of management in any organization and its importance can hardly be overemphasized. It is a process of transmitting information, ideas, thoughts, opinions and plans between various parts of an organization. Communication is an essential aspect of business life. Everyday, business persons have to communicate with people at different levels of the organization or with people external to the organization. And in this globalized environment they also have to communicate with people from different countries, with different cultural backgrounds. Poor or inaccurate communication can lead to conflict and negativity in the workplace. It could even lead to the cancellation of a deal or the loss of customer goodwill.

Effective communication is required at various levels and for various aspects in an organization such as:

Management – Employee relations
The manager cannot get the work done from employees unless they are communicated effectively of what he wants to be done. Chances of misunderstanding and misrepresentation can be minimized with proper communication system.

Inappropriate or faulty communication among employees or between manager and his subordinates is the major cause of conflict and low morale at work.

With effective communication, you can maintain a good human relation in the organization and by encouraging ideas or suggestions from employees or workers and implementing them whenever possible, you can also increase production at low cost.

Employee Satisfaction:
It is through the communication that employees submit their work reports, comments, grievances and suggestions to their seniors or management.


In order to understand and attain ‘Effective Communication’ one needs to understand the principles of effective communication. These principles briefly state how the information can become effective for the target group. They also tell about the style and importance of messages. These principles are commonly known as the 7 C’s of Effective Communication.


The 7 c’s of effective communication
are the principles to compose
effective written or oral messages.
These principles provide guidelines
for choice of content and style of
presentation, adapted to the
purpose and receiver of our

➢ COMPLETENESS: Message is complete when it contain all the facts the reader or the listener need for the reaction that is desired.

➢ CONCISENESS: Developing a message that is...
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