Business to Business Messages

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Business-to-Business Messages Communication is very important in the business world these days. It is done through many different ways where the sender will try to convey a message to the receiver to pass some sort of information along. Technology is a great tool to have to help send these messages especially in the business world, where some of these communications are done virtually through email. The communication process includes the environment where the message takes place, the sender, the message that is created, technology used to send the message, noise, the receiver of the message, and the feedback that is returned to the sender. These messages need to be clear and concise especially in the business environment because there are many things on the line that include money, potential sales, and business proposals. Business to business communication process includes the communication between two business entities, in which the one business entity perform the role of a sender and other one perform the role of a receiver. In other words, business to business communication describes the communication between businesses such as between a manufacturer and a whole seller or between a whole seller and a retailer. All other elements of this type of communication process is dependent on the environment and the purpose of the communication.
Business-to-business message with the Samsung Corporation The Samsung Corporation is a South Korean company that manufactures all different types of appliances and electronics. These products can range from television sets, kitchen appliances, computers, and mobile phones. Recently the company launched a new line of mobile phones that the company wants to appeal to the younger generation who are mainly concerned with text messaging and social networking. The company wants to communicate the new product to the wholesalers and the retailers and talk about the innovations, quality of the products, and the price. Also included

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