Business Communication

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Communication is the mutual exchange of understanding, originating with the receiver. It's required that communication be effective in business due to its importance in the management. It also presents the basic function of management for instance in planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling. Business cannot function well without effective and proper communication, which includes the continuous flow of information (Ellen, 2009). The response or feedback is integral part of business communication. Currently, organizations and companies have expanded and thus involve many people, who need to continuously communicate over various issues. There are various and different departments and levels of hierarchy in the organizations. The bigger the number of levels and departments, the harder is the task of managing the organization. Therefore, communication here plays vital tasks in process of directing and controlling the individuals in the organization. Urgent feedback can be received and misunderstandings if any can be eliminated. Effective communication is required between the managers and the subordinates in an organization, between organization and the entire society, and the community for instance between the management and trade unions. It is important for the success and growth of an organization or a company. Communication gaps, hence needs to be avoided in any organization if it needs to prosper to higher levels (Ellen, 2009). Business communication is viewed to be a goal oriented. The regulations, policies of the organization and its rules need to be communicated effectively to the people working within and even those outside the company. It is regulated by particular rules and beliefs. In previous years, business communication was limited to only paper work, telephone calls among other means but currently,...
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