Alan Monroe Motivated Sequence Analysis

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Monroe's Motivated Sequence
Alan Monroe developed a simple sequence using the psychology of persuasion to create speeches that inspire and make employee comply with the company vision. It consists of 5 distinct steps to follow:
Attention: getting employee’s full attention using a shocking or dramatic statistic, arousing curiosity, and showing the importance of communication. Leaders set examples, managers definitely have to communicate at executive levels to keep business moving. They let the employee see how knowledge sharing and communication is best carried out.
Transparency: This is needed because it builds trust and it also opens interdepartmental channels, giving employees and manager’s transparency and more opportunities to openly communicate....

But on the other hand, if the communication is needed to transfer vital information within departments and it is wilfully disregarded, then they are committing an act of misconduct and this is punishable.
Influence goes hand in hand with agreements. For example, in order to persuade an employee to build up a relationship with his colleagues in other departments and plants, there has to be an agreement about what is to be done and by whom. Influence and Persuasion are continuous processes, not a one-time-thing. It has to be constantly serviced, just as the late master chess player Gerard Abrahams once famously noted, “Good positions do not win games; good moves...

On the other hand, if managers are both successful and effective, their influence tends to lead to long-run productivity and organisational development (Jain, 2005). Managers have to make time to handle important topics. Just as the output of the organisation is important, the people who create this output are equally as important.
Communication should not just be a one-way communication, but more like a discussion, sharing of ideas, knowledge, and information exchange between all hierarchical levels in a MNC which creates a possibility for collaborating with counterparts, and thereby creating synergy, improving the production network, and ensuring that employees are committed to achieving great business results.
Communication will not solve every problem and it cannot necessarily guarantee success in every interaction and challenges the organisation faces, but a great deal of problems can be handled effectively with adequate communication. Also, there is no one recipe or method that is valid for every employee when it comes to persuading and influencing them to get themselves involved in internal communication. Every individual is different and motivated differently, therefore, each individual case has to be examined thoroughly, and the best possible method should be applied to the individual case. This should constantly be reviewed and amended over...
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