Role of Com Skills

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What are Communication skills?
Communication skills are nothing but sharing thoughts or opinions through shared symbols, by language, words and phrases. It further explains conscious listening is with the mind hearing with senses and expressing the ideas, attitudes and emotions in an active process of eliciting information. Role of communication skills in daily life:

Communication is important for different reasons, depending on the context and quality. It limits misunderstanding, ensures accuracy, as well as the maintenance and survival of business, social, family and romantic relationships. Without proper communication people can find themselves in a deteriorating relationship without real cause. Marriages, siblings and business partners may find they can no longer relate to one another. A lack of communication can itself become the problem and push people away from each other creating a breakup, or blow up, based on a symptom with no root cause. Business communication refers to kind of communication which is used for the promotion of a product, services or organization. It can also be used for legal issues or to communicate information within the organization. Thus business communication is any communication that takes place between an organization and its customers both external and internal. Organizations function by means of collective actions of people. Good communication is required to achieve coordinated results. Most of the organizations problems emanate from poor communication. Business communication is very important for a company. This is because the customers are more likely to respond in a positive manner if there is good business communication. It means more profits through sales, more stock price and investments and more retained employees. A manager should build a working environment of harmonious relationships, of respect, trust and care for people’s feeling with employees. For example, in the work place, when managers assign a task to employees, they would communicate thoroughly with each other to get an agreement for the task in order to avoid some kind of misunderstanding or conflict. However, a good relationship is built on trust and respect between each other, both parties would have more confident to accomplish the goals. Good communication will reduce conflict and will prevent any misunderstanding of what is required by employees. If we would like to emphasize the importance of communication in organizations existence, it could be said that communication is the life blood of the organization. Inefficiency or lack of communication organization responds very badly. After all, the organization is created from people working together and seeking some purposes. Their quality of work and the results are highly dependent on the smooth and positive communication process in organization. Communication plays a significant role in inspiring workers to work hard and in developing positive attitudes. Managers can increase the self-confidence and job satisfaction of employees by keeping in close touch with them. We can measure the importance of communication skills in the business sector when we take a look at job advertisements. There is little chance that you will come across an advertisement which does not mention that candidates should have good communication skills. Perhaps this is the only criteria which create a positive impact when a person goes for a job interview. This is because technical qualifications are likely to be more or less the same for the candidates. Communication is important in relationships as it allows us to share our interest, concerns, support each other; organize our lives and make decisions; and it allows us to work together. Effective communication is based on the way we talk and listen, and how we respond and our body language. We can all learn how to improve the way we communicate.  It takes more than words to create a safe, exciting and secure relationship. Too often the...
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