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ACC 644 Financial Statement Analyses
Comprehensive Project Instructions

Final Project

• Your project should be in good form. A format has been provided on Campus Web in course assignments. Please use this format and simply insert your answers.

• Your project should consist of:

o Table of contents
o Financial statement analysis and appropriate tables o The most recent 10k, press releases, and articles must be turned in along with your report. o Each section should be clearly identified.

• Special Notes:

▪ Do not cut and paste answers to the questions! This is plagiarism and your grade will suffer the consequences. Use your own words to answer the questions.

▪ Check for punctuation, spelling, grammar, ect.

▪ Number pages, clearly mark sections, underline headings ect.

▪ Either purchase or see me about a 3-ring binder to contain your project.

Group Work

▪ This project is designed to be a group project. Therefore, you will be working in groups of students.

▪ Appoint a group leader who will be responsible for assigning workloads, keeping up with everyone, making sure that work gets done on time, and putting together the final project. (5 points extra for this job)

▪ In the event that someone is not able to do their fair share, the rest of the group must pitch in and cover the missing parts.

▪ Do not turn in an incomplete project because one group member decides not to do their work !!!

Group members

• All group members are expected to do their fair share of the project.

• Any group member(s) whose work is not acceptable will not receive the same grade as the others in the group.

• In the event that you have a group member who does not do their fair share...
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