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In the organization that is always have a gap that we must cover it. That is because in the organization we will have people that have different kind of skill that will work together in one team to accomplish their goal. So many gaps in the team when they do the project, especially the gap between the business and technology gap that many of the projects encounter. In the technology side, they have IT technical director, technical manager, and technical team. In the business side, they have solution owner, project sponsor, project manager, business analyst, and subject matter experts. IT technical director from the technology side is the highest level in the technical organization. IT technical director must make sure that the project will get the technical resource that they need. Technical manager struggle to make sure that the project accomplish in the technical requirement on time and on the budget. Technical team people is the one who use the requirement that given by the business analyst to the technical team. Technical team people must solve the technical problem using the tools that available. In the business side, solution owner is the people who have the primary responsibility to serving the customers importance. Besides of that, project sponsor is the people who support the project effort. They can help the project team to get the resource when the project team having difficulty to get the resource, by talking to its head if they can get the resource sooner. IT technical director is the sponsor from the technical side while it is important to get support from the business side. The project manager function is to make sure that the business requirement is accomplish on time and on budget. It is like the technical manager, but the different is project manager do in the business requirement while technical manager in technical requirement. Subject matter experts are the one that give the detail information to the business analyst to be use by the business...
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