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1.List all the ways that Red Bull’s promotional efforts are unique from those of the mainstream?
Red Bull Off-roaders
Red Bull employed attractive army of marketers tossed out free cans of Red Bull froma fleet of shiny logo-bearing off-roaders with giant cans of Red Bull attached to thetrunk. Their mission is to find people who need energy and give them a free can of Red Bull Word of mouth

In this case, Red Bull used pull marketing. This approach involves getting consumersexcited about the product and conveying this excitement to their family and friends.By this way, it encourage consumers to find out more about the product. It will thencreate interesting stories for people to talk about, even rumors had created, which inturn helps to create brand awareness and grow sales.The founder of Red Bull used pull marketing to promote his original product in the1980s. He hired a Red Bull Wings Team to go out and talk to people one-to-one aboutthe product. This helps to create consumer interest in the product. He wanted the brand hit young people right in the face in a way that they experienced Red Bull to thefullest and appreciate its qualities. They shared their opinions with others when theytalk with friends. This promotion strategy had created a ripple effect Sponsoring Athletes and Teams

Red Bull prefers to use different type of promotion strategy by sponsoring athletes even owning four soccer teams which includes New York’s Red Bull, Red Bull Salzburg, Red Bull Brazil, and RB Leipzig. Today, Red Bull sponsors more than 500athletes – 100 in the United State- in 97 sports, mostly “extreme” sports.

Sticking withunconventional way, Red Bull
brings these athletes into the “family” by supporting
them to achieve their dreams.
Sponsoring Events
Red Bull also
try to attract people’s attentio
n by sponsoring sport events. Today, RedBull has its name on dozens of major annual events, including Red Bull U.S GrandPrix ( MotoGP ), Red Bull...
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