The Lord of the Flies; symbols

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Proyecto: El árbol familiar

For this project you will be creating a family tree and presenting it in Spanish. Your family tree can be presented in one of many different forms: on poster board or chart paper, in a small book, or in a Power Point presentation.

The written information is part of your rough draft. All info you present orally should be memorized. Your family tree must contain at least 5 people. Include a diagram showing how each person is related. Don’t forget yourself! For each person you must include the following information: 1. a picture (it can be a real photo, drawing, or clip art)

2. a sentence describing how they are related to you (Ex. Betty es mi abuela.) 3. a sentence saying where they live (Ex. Ella vive en Boston.) 4. a sentence describing the relative’s physical appearance or personality using at least two adjectives (Ex. Mi abuela es cómica y tiene pelo blanco.)

5. a sentence describing something the person likes or dislikes to do (Ex. A ella le gusta cocinar). 6. a sentence telling when is their birthdate.
If you do not have five family members to discuss or don’t want to create the family tree of your own family, you may use a famous family. Possible examples are: The Cosbys, The Simpsons, etc. **Notes:

You may include more than 5 people on your family tree, but only need to write about 5 of them. Please choose only living relatives to write about. We haven’t learned the past tense, which would be used to write about any relatives who have passed away.

For this activity, pets do not count as family members!
You may write about more than 5 people for extra credit on this project. You will be presenting this project to your group and will receive points for your presentation in Spanish. On the back of this form, I have provided an area for you to write rough drafts of your paragraphs which I will check for correct grammar and spelling.

Written Rough Draft Due: Thursday, February 20, 2014
This project is due on:

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