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Principles of Supporting Business Events

Business events take place for a number of different reasons. They range from business parties of celebration, to advertising events and company training days or annual network conference meetings. Whatever business event takes place with your organisation, it is important that you support the event as best you can.

You may not be responsible for running and managing the event, however, your support can help make the event a success and increase your company’s’ reputation to prospective customers.
The person in charge of organising the event may ask you for support by getting you to check the availability of a meeting room or venue and, if available, they may ask you to book this. You may be asked to help collate papers and information material together to give out at the event; this could be advertising posters/flyers to meeting agendas and reference material.

You may also be asked to research information on caterers, organise the refreshments for the event or even help clear up after the event; all of which helps to make the event run smoothly and more efficiently.

What support can be given before, during and after the event? Your support will be stretched to complete various tasks that helps organise the event beforehand, help and advice during the event and then help after the event to finalise any outcomes from the event.

You won’t be expected to complete all these tasks but you may possibly be asked to help with quite a few of them.
Before the event
Prepare and circulate the
agenda for the event

On the day of the event
After the event
Prepare the venue for the
Ensure that all documents are
meeting, ensuring
returned to the office
appropriate table and seating
arrangements are available

Book a suitable venue
and arrange

Prepare or arrange for
refreshments to be available

Prepare draft minutes for
approval by Chairman

Check attendance and
record any apologies to
distribute to Chairperson

Check that participants sign
the attendance register or
make a note of all

When approved, type the
minutes in final form and
distribute to participants and
any other persons required


Prepare resources; these
could include:
• Stationery
• Spare copies of
• Any other papers
• Attendance register
• Equipment

Record the details of the
meeting known as minutes

Diarise the next meeting in
diary systems or confirm the
outcomes of the event

The support that you provide can also depend on the event that is taking. There is normally a different type of workload involved in an external event than there is in an internal event as the majority of resources are readily available. Internal venues

Depending on the size of the organisation that you work for, you may have just one or several rooms available. However, in each case it is good practice to operate a booking procedure for rooms to avoid double bookings.

Factors to consider when booking an internal venue:

Size and suitability of room
Seating/table arrangements
Directions to the venue (external visitors may be invited or the venue be unfamiliar for internal participants)
Car parking
Refreshments (remember to consider special dietary requirements) Equipment (e.g. sound, visual etc)
Emergency procedures
Special requirements (e.g. hearing loops)

External venues
Arranging an external venue usually takes a lot more time and effort, unless it is a regular occurrence where you may have contacts or arrangements set up for you. As an administrator it is very important that when you arrange an external venue you obtain a clear brief on the type of venue required.

Factors to consider when booking an external venue:

Accommodation nearby if visitors travelling distances to venue Size and suitability of room
Seating/table arrangements
Directions to the...
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