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This task requires me to explain how I would prepare for, manage and contribute to a meeting.


An agenda is a list of topics rather like a framework that are to be discussed at a meeting, this helps the meeting to flow properly and means that the attendees cannot divert off at a tangent onto other topics. It gives the meeting a structure. The agenda should be concise; not be too long but condensed in bullet point form. On the agenda we include any speakers of video/dvd evidence.


Preparation before a meeting is probably the most important to ensure the meeting is successful. First you need to decide the purpose of the meeting and its aim. We need to decide if a meeting is the best resource of the purpose, if it is then who needs to attend. Before we start the agenda, it is best to write the main purpose and aim of the meeting and this will be the heading to start with.

An aim for a meeting could be ‘To discuss priority goals for the forthcoming year’, the agenda will then be the tool used to get us the result we require.

Once the Agenda is created we need to decide on where and when and who should be involved. We need to schedule the meeting. Firstly decide on who needs to attend, a meeting can be as small or as large as you require to get the result you want. Once you have decided on who is to attend, then we need to decide on a venue, can we use an empty office or do we require a larger venue like a conference centre. What is the best time for the meeting, do we have attendees from outside UK so have to consider time zones. A decision needs to be made and then we need to contact the attendees, how are we going to do this? Is email scheduling an option or do we telephone? In today’s commence email invites are probably the best option as we can create the list of attendees and mail the meeting invite, agenda and then the decision to attend can be almost immediate once consultation with their diary is made. When sending the invite and agenda ensure we send any supporting information, e.g. results from last quarter, previous minutes. This is because if the attendees have to prepare for the meeting they have available information to hand.

Prior to the meeting we will have to decide if we require refreshments, how are we going to record the meeting (who will take minutes), room facilities, do we have any special requirements? Disabled access or interpreter?. What equipment will we need for the meeting? Flipchart, paper, laptop access, overhead projection?

• The roles and responsibilities of the Chairperson, Secretary and the individuals

The Chairperson is the person in charge of the meeting, this person will ensure everyone is present and will call the meeting to order. They will ask the Secretary to read any previous minutes and will ask them to record the minutes of this meeting. They will advise the requirements of the meeting and the aim, will give the rules of the meeting and will ensure that it is kept to the Agenda and does not divert off course. A good Chairperson will ensure that members of the meeting have a fair chance to speak, are not talked down or felt ‘talked over’. They will keep the meeting at a effective pace, not allow people to ramble or go off course. They should ensure the meeting stays as per the agenda and where items are raised that require further discussion not in this meeting are addressed accordingly.

The role of the Secretary is to keep a record of the meeting, at the beginning of the meeting they will read any previous minutes from previous meetings. They will write a record and ensure it is sent to each attendee at the meeting. Before the meeting the secretary will ensure the venue is in order, advise the meeting of any non attendees. They will ensure all documentation and the...
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