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The Responsibilities of the Vice-President
o To assist the President with administration of duties within Rotex 3140. o To look after International Services.
o To fill in when the President is unable to fulfill their duties.

o Get the constitution officially signed and updated o To fill the place of president when he is absent
o Get in touch with Rotex of other countries
o Get in touch with exchange students in other part of India. o Also interact with Rotract clubs here and outstation for combined projects as our minor events. (refer Event organizer sheet)

The Responsibilities of the Secretary
o To type, and circulate to other members, detailed Minutes and Agenda of Rotex 3140 meetings. o To deal with all incoming and outgoing correspondence in a timely manner. o To fill in when President or Vice-President, are not available.

o Minutes and agenda to be emailed each time within the span of 3 days after and before the meeting receptively. o Email to be sent on
o Make sure the Sergeant At Arms is present and takes the attendance o If a particular member’s attendance is poor it’s your responsibility to inform him/her and attend. Or else degrade his membership level

The Responsibilities of the Event Organizer
o To help organize get-togethers and social activities for Rotex 3140 members throughout the district. o To fill in with help of Event Organizer when President or Vice-President or Secretary, are not available.

o I want 3 event organizers to decide the entire Annual Calender with approx dates of the event: o During setting the event calendar please take care of Whether conditions, exam/vacation time o This calendar will be put on net and the registration for the events will also happen online. (thought we will mentioning the dates are approx and can be changed)

The Responsibilities of the PR (post of president elect)
o To assume the office of President the following year. o To perform any additional duties as seen fit by the President. o To fill in with help of Event Organizer when President or Vice-President or Secretary, are not available.

o After every major/minor events take feedback form from at least 10 Rotexers including Top 5 and at least 5 from the inbounds o Help director of Outbound and try to get more students to go for Exchange by giving speeches in colleges and school o If the Director of Public relation ie Neti is absent for any event you have to make sure the pics are taken and passed over to Neti to put on the net

The Responsibilities of the Treasurer
o To keep financial records for Rotex 3140 up to date and accurate. o To provide yearly budgetary status to Rotex 3140. o To manage and oversee all income and expenditures for Rotex 3140.

o Budget of each event along with event organizer
o Reimbursement book/ Expense Book, after the meet find out if there was any rental to be paid for the venue and if so reimburse the concerned person o Balance sheet at the end of the year

o Collection of money as membership fees.
o Collection of money from the members and inbounds during the events/programs

The Responsibilities of the Director of Public Relations
o Responsible for content, Database and design of official Rotex 3140 website. o To ensure that Rotex 3140 is properly represented. o To assure that there are no internal issues affecting the working of Rotex, if so bring it to the notice of President

o Snaps for any event
o Will handle the common ROTEX Email Add:
o Pass: loverotex
o this account is only for the executive team to excess the password should...
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