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Working groups and team
This essay is going to examine the difference between the work environment in IKEA and Burger King. Some organisational or business functions are too large for individuals to carry out. Therefore groups are essential features of any organisation. A work group is a collection of people who share some of the following characteristics: definable membership, group consciousness, interdependence. (Mullins 2008,218) Teams occur when a number of people have a common goal though they are all independent.” Normally, teams are internal to an organisation and so are made up of people from that employer.”(Martin 2010,261) The main difference between them is while team members work together to achieve a common goal or purpose, they also hold themselves collectively accountable for the results of their work.   In a group, the work unit is lead by a manager or department head who is accountable for the group’s performance accomplishments and results, but all members of the group contribute to the workload. I have chosen to work for IKEA as they have better organised work structure and perform in very different way than Burger King. Through the concepts of team working and working groups, the roles of communication and leadership styles, the culture and nature of tasks, and the motivation considerations shown in the next five paragraphs I will give you an idea why I chose to work for IKEA and why they have better work environment. One of the reasons that I have not chosen to work for Burger King is because of the leadership style. Mullins claims that although it is hard to generalise about leadership, ”essentially it is a relationship through which one person influences the behaviour or actions of other people.”(Mullins 2008). This means that the process of leadership can not be separated from the activities of groups and teambuilding. According to (Yoki 2001) leadership is a matter of making a difference. This is an important factor for me as I am a person who needs to be mobilised in order to get my job done. In Burger King the leadership is mostly autocratic.” Autocratic style is where the focus of power is with the manager and all interactions within the group move towards the manager. The manager alone exercise decision making and authority for determining policy, procedures for achieving goals, work tasks and relationships, control of rewards or punishments.”(Mullins 2008,268)This means that the manager tells his workers what to do, consequently they are not involved in the decision making. For example if the manager say to the employee who is on the cash point to change their work task and go in the kitchen than the employee should do it straight away as they do not have the right to say their own opinion. This matters to me, as I am more like a person who wants to interact in the decisions that the manager is making

Second reason that I have not chosen Burger King is the motivation of the workers there.” In general terms, motivation can be described as the direction of persistence of action. It is concerned with why people choose a particular course of action in preference to others, and why they continue with a chosen action, often over a long period and in the face of difficulties and problems.”( Mullins 2008,172). There is two types of motivation: “extrinsic, which is related to tangible rewards such as salary and fringe benefits, security, promotion, the work environment and conditions of work” (Mullins 2008,173), on the other hand there is” intrinsic motivation which is related to psychological rewards such as the opportunity to use one’s ability, positive recognition and being treated in a caring and considerate manner”(Mullins 2008,173). In this case the employees at Burger King don’t motivate their workers well. For example I can not be motivated by getting a free uniform and free meal as it is listed like part of the benefits that they give to the workers (Burger King 2011). In terms of...

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