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The second largest cause of death in our country is obesity because you know what they say, “Everything is bigger in America.” Just about anyone can drive a mile from his or her house to find some sort of fast food restaurant and there’s a good chance that the first one you would see is a McDonalds. Being located at every exit as well as many in your hometown makes in very hard to get away from McDonalds. This is because McDonalds controls almost 50 percent of the fast food market. This is a considerably large amount when you think about all the fast food restaurants out there. McDonalds top sellers are greasy, fattening food packed with high calories and fat that is harmful to your body. As a restaurant that serves millions each day there needs to be a change in the food they are serving. There’s a reason that obesity is one of the largest killers because it is just too easy to drive thru a McDonalds and get a cheeseburger that’s loaded with saturated fat and 600+ calories. McDonalds should make their food healthier because McDonalds is a large contributor to the obesity rate in our country.

McDonalds makes hundreds of millions of dollars each day so one would think they could afford higher quality meats and oils for their customers. These foods are fried in oils full of saturated fats, which can lead to heart disease, high cholesterol, and many other health problems psychical but mental as well. If millions of people are eating here each day then these millions could potentially be harming their bodies daily. Due to the fact that McDonalds is the worlds largest fast food chain it shows that they are capable of spending extra money on better products, and still reaching their main goal of retaining profit. Changing their menu would do many things for the company as a whole. As of now they have a bad reputation for being a large contributor to the obesity rate in our country. This is because the food is so unhealthy but so accessible. McDonalds...
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