Management & Leadership

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Management and Leadership
As a Naval Officer I had the opportunity to experience both leadership and management. Today's Navy operates with fewer people and resources than before. Therefore, leadership and management are more important than ever. Very early in my career I was taught leadership and as I advanced through the ranks I experienced management. There are numerous distinctions between management and leadership. Good managers are sometimes leaders; good leaders are sometimes managers. The distinction is primarily between action and enabling. I see management as a function. Examples of management include, planning, budgeting, evaluating, and facilitating. Examples of leadership include, a relationship, selecting talent, motivating, coaching, and building. Fenton (1990) said, "Leaders are observant and sensitive people. They know their team and develop mutual confidence within it". Management

Management is the brains of a business. It is where someone has ultimately authority and responsibility for the task but is not necessarily the person executing the task. Management distributes the task to others in the team and act as advisor and facilitator. They establish systems, create rules and operating procedures, and put into place incentive programs. Management is about the business, not always the people. The people are important as a way of getting the job done. Leadership is the heart of a business. Leaders are active in most tasks. They are usually the first to take action. The leader has vision, drive and enthusiasm. The essence of leadership means inspiring a group to come together for a common goal. Leaders motivate, counsel and work with people to keep them bonded and eager to move forward. That means setting a direction, communicating it to everyone and keeping people motivated even when times get tough. Leadership

Leadership is a facet of management. It is just one of the many assets a successful manager must possess....
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