Topics: Unidentified flying object, Extraterrestrial life, Flying saucer Pages: 4 (489 words) Published: October 30, 2014

Do UFO's exist?

Name: Stephanie Hurtado

Id: 3018982

Institution: MacEwan University

Course: English 20

Instructor: M.Connell

Topic: Do UFO's exist

Due date: June 20th, 2014.

Unidentified flying objects or in short, UFO's are any

object or light, reportedly sighted in the sky that can

not be immediately explained by the observer. No

Scientific evidence has ever been validated to

support the belief UFO'S exist .

Today theres is an average of over one hundred

Sightings per night which equals to 36,500 sightings

Per year, and the numbers keep increasing. (J.Fos

ter, 1998).

Now you may ask yourself, where are UFO'S most

sighted? How fast can UFO's fly? Where do UFO's

come from? Is the government hiding information?

Although there are reports of UFO'S worldwide,

there are two countries that report more often whi

ch are United States and Great Britain.

There was a crash in the Rosswell New Mexico

desert in july 1947, where there was a report from

residents Dan Wilmot and his wife seing "two

inverted saucers faced mouth to mouth" passing

overhead on july 2.The Roswell incident introduced

an alien account by Barney Barnett, who had died

years earlier. Friends of Barnett said he described

the crash of a flying saucer.
Barnett also described the recovery of alien corpses

in the vicinity of socorro.He and a group of archaeo

logists stumbled upon an alien craft, and its occu

pants on the morning of july 3, only to be led away

by military personnel.(Charles Berlitz,1980)

There is no known recording of the speed of a UFO

reports from pilots, policemen, etc., claim that they

can go as fast as MACH 3.Our planes at full speed

are often reported left behind by the speed if UFO's.

(National Geographic,2013).

There a a couple of theories of where UFO'S come

from, some researcher's believe that they...
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