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By Shutalley23 Jan 08, 2013 339 Words
Crabbe is to be removed from Gr. 9 Curriculum

Crabbe should be removed from the grade nine curriculums because it has bad disgraceful language and shows bad influence .Also it has no positive influence to the readers (students)

The book Crabbe has many bad a disgraceful language that is foul. This is not what students should be learning in Grade 9! This book has encouraging students to use bad language. The book has such typical foul language, as in calling your principles “fat-ass grant” is not mature! This book has a bad character attitude which shows bad a negative attitude towards things. This bad attitude could increase in youth in grade 9.Also did i say that there are some inappropriate examples and ideas. For example : When Mary was taken by the two drunk men’s and she was tied up in the bedroom naked with her clothes ripped with her moaning and screaming .It was sexual harassment and is this what we are trying to let our student know ? A part of the book where a girl has been rape is just to show that it should not be recommended to gr 9 students. Therefore the book Crabbe has bad language and bad influence.

Another problem is that this book had poor character development. Mary is referred as a criminal and leaving her town after killing her husband .Crabbe’s mom is clueless on what is going on with his son’s life, his dad is rude and ungrateful. His family does not show much support to his son. He’s addicted to alcohol and telling young grade 9’s to drink and always constantly drinking and in need of it 24/7 is horrible. Crabbe has also left home and running away is showing bad decisions to the youth. It’s giving those ideas on what to do if they hate there family or get depressed. This book is just setting bad examples towards the youth.

In conclusion Crabbe should be removed because of the poor character development and bad decisions.

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