Building and Riyadh the Houses

Topics: Building, House, Difference Pages: 3 (434 words) Published: October 9, 2012
House in Seattle and Riyadh

The houses in Seattle and Riyadh have many similarity. First , they are accommodate and nice to
live in. second , they are close to the neighbors. Third , they have gardens. Although , houses in Seattle

and Riyadh have similarities, they are different in several ways.

When we look at the design for the houses in each city we see huge differences. Seattle houses are

simple. On the other hand, Riyadh houses are decorated. For example, my room in Seattle is not

decorated at all. On the contrary, it is pretty simple. The houses in Seattle made out of wood;

however, Riyadh houses made out of stone. Houses roofs in Seattle are Designed in the form of a

triangle. Houses roofs in Riyadh, in contrast, are flat. I wondered why all houses in Seattle have the same

roofs design and I found out why from friend lives in Seattle duo to the weather in Seattle. We know it

rains most of the year therefore, they have to do the same design to all the houses in Seattle to

prevent the accumulation of water on the roofs. In Riyadh the roofs are flat since Riyadh is not a rainy city.

The houses in Riyadh have are surrounded by high fences. The houses in Seattle, in contrast, are not.

Construction period in each city is different. In Seattle the Construction period might take up to 3

months; however, in Riyadh might take up to 1.5 year and that duo to the building materials. Unlike Riyadh,

building a house in Seattle is easy. The reason way building a house in Riyadh harder than Seattle

because the materials that use to build are different. In Seattle the materials are easy to get and to

process. On the other hand, in Riyadh the materials are hard to get and hard to process as well.

The houses sizes in each city are different. Riyadh houses are big, whereas Seattle houses are small.

For instance, my house in Riyadh is different from mine in Seattle in its size. In Riyadh is bigger...
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