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Topics: Diminishing returns, Investment, Management Pages: 2 (280 words) Published: May 7, 2012
CFO presents – internet expectations, circle/highlight key points, notable figures such as EPS, operating margins, overall results, state what market(s) can use improvement and why CMO – compare our results to that of our closest competitor, IE our strategy is higher prices/lower availability, Group H also offers higher prices but many more models, Declare what strategy was – CMO

Best cost was our strategy
CEO – compare results to that of our rivals. Where we are/ where we want to be . Discuss what we want to do with remaining cash on hand (investments), co managers action plan

Key issues and key actions

For private label – perhaps (revise strategy) focus on one region only

Increase maket share in latin America
Lower cost of goods sold in NA to increase operating profits

Have slides with pie charts showing what our competitive advantage is

Benchmark slides… highlight the improvements from year 15 to year 16

What are our biggest problems..
Declare what strategy was – CMO
Low cost, best cost, high differentation,

4.1 – Our worry was minimizing costs as much as possible so that we could have enough capital for revenues to invest in construction. We also did plenty investing in employee best practices training while increasing worker productivity. By putting our employees through best practices training, it helps with improvements in associated workmanship and production methods while helping with rejection rates. However, just like progressively spending with anything else, the benefits of progressively more training in the use of best practices are subject to diminishing marginal returns. It is also very important because it reflects the ongoing effort at a plant to ingrain the use of best practices in the work force.
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