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By broocool Dec 11, 2013 563 Words
Call of Duty 4 Demo & Full Game Cheats
Cheat Codes (DEMO VERSION)
Enable the console from the game's in-game options.
Hit the tilde key (~) to drop the dev-console.
Type seta thereisacow "1337" and then press ENTER.
Type spdevmap bog_a and then press ENTER.
This will start the demo with cheats enabled.
When playing, drop down the dev-console and enter
the following codes and hit ENTER to activate or toggle them.

Same as above but after you load up the spdevmap bog_a exit out and load the level you are currently at, or a new game.

You can not select "resume" and have the cheats function you can however select the map/act you want to start at with the cheats enabled.

Access All Weaponsgive all
Add Laser Sights to ALL Weaponscg_LaserForceOn 1
Adjust Gravity Default = 39jump_height #
Adjust Time Default = 1.00timescale #
Allows you to shoot without reloading.sf_use_ignoreammo 1
Easier to see thingsr_fullbright
Enemies Ignore Younotarget
Full Ammogive ammo
God Modegod
God mode but screen still shakesdemigod
Kill playerkill
No Clipping Modenoclip
Removes all your guns and healthtake all
Removes your ammotake ammo
Removes Your Guncg_drawGun
Same as noclip?ufo
Set player's sprint speedplayer_sprintSpeedScale
To draw the light emitted from the lasercg_laserlight 1
Zoom with any Guncg_fov
Contributed By: skylerz, iEplekjekk, Manny59, and Lethalmonkey.

Epilogue Mission
If you sit through the credits at the end of the game, there's one more mission available.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Epilogue MissionView the ending credits to unlock one final mission Contributed By: mrnivek5150.

Golden "camouflage" for weapons (multiplayer).
There is one golden version for one weapon in each class of weapons in the game.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Golden AK47 (Assault Rifle)Complete all the headshot challenges for all the weapons in the Assault Rifle weapon class. Golden Auto Shotgun (Shotgun)Complete all the headshot challenges for all the weapons in the Shotgun weapon class. Golden Deagle (Handgun)Reach Rank 55

Golden M60 (Light Machine Gun)Complete all the headshot challenges for all the weapons in the Light Machine Gun weapon class. Golden Mini-Uzi (Sub-Machine Gun)Complete all the headshot challenges for all the weapons in the Sub-Machine Gun weapon class. Golden SVD (Sniper Rifles)Complete all the headshot challenges for all the weapons in the Sniper Rifle weapon class. Contributed By: Techno_Man.

Unlock Arcade Mode and Cheats Option
After completing the game, these options are automatically awarded to you.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Arcade ModeComplete the game on any difficulty.
Cheats MenuComplete the game on any difficulty.
Contributed By: defy unbanned.

You can submit new cheat codes for this game using our Cheat Submission Form.

If you see a non-working or fake code in the list above, let us know by using our Problem Submission Form.

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