File System and Configuration File

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Final Exam Study Guide

1. Which runlevel is textual multi-user mode? Pg 431


2. Which system script contains the default runlevel? Pg425


Use the following information for study points 3-5:

A system administrator is manually setting up a new daemon named analyzed. The daemon should be set to run at runlevel 3 and be the very last daemon to load.

3. What should the link to start the daemon be named? Pg 426,427


4. What command would stop the analyzed daemon? Pg 427

service analyzed stop

5. What command would tell the system at which runlevels to start analyzed? Pg 430

chkconfig -level 35 analyzed

6. What command would let you most safely switch to runlevel 2 without rebooting the computer? Pg 431

Telinit 2

7. What type of control does SELinux implement? Pg 414

Mandatory Access Control

8. Know all of the possible states of SELinux . Pg 414

Enforcing Permissive and Disable

9. The files hosts.allow and hosts.deny belong to what security system? Pg 447

TCP Wrappers

10. Given the following entries, what will happen when a client at address tries to access a Web site running on this server? Pg 447-448


httpd : 172.15.*

vsftpd: 192.168.0.*



httpd : 172.*

vsftpd :

sshd : 172.16.*

The Connection Will Be Denied

11. Know all of the valid iptables chains. Pg 821

Forward , Input,Output

12. What is the purpose of a chroot jail? Pg 449

to create a directory that a server thinks is the root directory, thereby blocking access by the server to all other areas of the file system

13. Know all of the printing protocol supported by CUPS. Pg 520


14. Know all of the valid methods of configuring a CUPS server. Pg522,527,533

Command-line tools,Web interface,Printer configuration applet

15. Linux printer driver files end with what extension? Pg 533


16. SSH1 is vulnerable to what. Pg 622

it is vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks

17. What is the file and path name where an OpenSSH client stores its list of servers to which it has connected

Pg 624 ~/.ssh/known_hosts

18. You need to give SSH access to Charlie, Linus, and Lucy. Know what you would put in the configuration file to make that happen. Pg 636

AllowUsers Charlie Linus Lucy

19. What is the file and path name of the configuration file to which you would add the line specified in study point 18? Pg 636 /etc/ssh/sshd_config

20. What option do you pass to the OpenSSH client to tell it to tunnel the X-Windows (X11) protocol? Pg 639


21. Know the path and file name that contains a list of all directories made available on the network by NFS.

Pg 739 /etc/exports

22. Know the entry in the file listed in study point 21that would make the directory /nfs available to all clients on the subnet and give them read and write access? Pg 739,740 (B)

23. Know the fstab entry that would properly mount /usr from the server appserv onto the root directory.

Pg 735 (D)

24. Which command line utility will change a Samba password? Pg 752


25. Know all of the Samba configuration files? Pg 752,753

smb.conf, smbpasswd, smbusers

26. Which operating mode is generally necessary when running an FTP client behind a firewall? Pg 644


27. What effect does the listen directive in vsftpd’s configuration file have? Pg 657

it directs vsftpd to run in standalone mode.

28. Which transfer mode is useful when transferring text files to Windows computers? Pg 650


29. The ability for one physical Web server to act as multiple servers is called ___________. Pg 874

virtual hosting

30. Which Apache directive is actually a container? Pg 858


31. Know all of the advantages of using DHCP over static address assignments. Pg 451,452

32. Know all of the valid DHCP options. Pg...
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