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  • Rifle and Pg

    scratching at his eyes with my fingernails‚ biting him through his thick coat so that he screamed in shock and pain.” (pg. 92) 6. “”We all fight on two fronts‚ the one facing the enemy‚ the one facing what we do to the enemy.” (pg 59) 7. “A rifle shot explodes and the child goes still‚ a red hole punched in her chest by the bullet.” (pg 283) 8. “To know that you have desecrated the ones you love‚ that you have done something so damning out of a greed for life that you have been exiled from

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  • Assult Rifles

    what should be done about it? Are you the type of person who strongly believes in The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution that protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms? Some people believe that this situation with assault rifles is getting out of hand and believe they should be banned. However‚ there are others who have personal reasons why they carry their guns and will never give them up. This is the case in the two articles that I read titled “Op-Ed: Sharp talk on guns

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  • Shotguns vs. Rifles

    McNeely March 9‚ 2005 Use of a rifle / Use of a shotgun All guns serve different purposes. Guns have been a part of American history for many years. Many different kinds of guns have been used for many different types of jobs. In like manner hunters have different guns for different game. Just as police use guns for law enforcement‚ hunters use guns to harvest game. The two most commonly used firearms of hunters‚ are the rifle and the shotgun. Both the rifle and the shotgun are used for hunting

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  • Best Air Rifles Essay

    have the best air rifles for hunting. Hunting and rifles are part of so many people’s lives. Some people hunt as a hobby while other people are more serious and hunt on a professional basis. But‚ how many of us‚ do really think about rifles and where the hunting rifles really began. Here’s some interesting facts about rifles and the history about where rifles began. The first rifle The first rifle barrels appeared during the sixteenth century. During the sixteenth century‚ the rifle barrels were the

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  • Single Rifle Research Paper

    thousands of handguns‚ rifles‚ and shotguns designed for military and sporting use. You could select a single category such as �double-barreled shotguns for hunting ducks� and get a large number of "ideal" choices. Ask a few people to select their choice‚ and you�ll likely get about as many different replies. So how is it possible to select a single "ideal rifle"? And furthermore‚ why bother selecting a single rifle? The answer to the latter is easier. Most do not select a single rifle. They have a selection

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  • M1 Garand Rifle

    World War II semi-automatic rifle. In the sub-sections below I will describe the development history of the gun‚ the service history‚ and info on different versions. I wanted to add diagrams of the M1 rifle but the pictures are copyrighted and I was not able to download but the diagrams could be found at <a href="http://www.chestnutridge.com/gchart.asp">http://www.chestnutridge.com/gchart.asp</a><br><br><b>Development History</b><br>The origins of the United States Rifle‚ Caliber .30‚ M1 begin around

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  • Rimfire Rifle Research Paper

    Rimfire scopes are perfect for .22 rifles that offer little recoil and work well for hunting small game. Rimfire rifles and pistols are some of the most popular firearms due to their affordability and cheaper ammo‚ and they offer enjoyable experiences to all ages. A rimfire rifle is the most common rifle that individual learn to shoot with and provides a great first experience to all first-time shooters. So‚ how do you decide which scope works best for you? There are a variety of factors that you

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  • M6 Assault Rifle Essay

    M16 Assault Rifle The M16 Assault rifle came into service in 1962 to replace the M1 Garand and other types of single automatic rifle. The M16 has a direct gas impingement system‚ meaning‚ after the firing pin hits the the primer and the bullet is sent down the barrel‚ propellent gas builds up behind the bullet and then is siphoned into the gas tube and sent back to the bolt carrier. After the bullet is shot the bolt moves back and and compresses the buffer spring as small as it can and then picks

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  • National Rifle Association

    Dylan Stedronsky Psc 121 Professor Salhi 16 October 2014 National Rifle Association According to the mission statement of the National Rifle Association‚ its purpose is to defend and foster the Second Amendment rights of all law-abiding Americans with activities designed to promote firearms and hunting safety‚ to enhance marksmanship skills‚ and to educate the public about the firearms in their historic‚ technological‚ and artistic context. Not only does the Association promote firearm safety

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  • Ferguson Rifle Book Review Summary

    Book Review 1st Semester Section 1: The book I read‚ The Ferguson Rifle‚ was written by Louis L’Amour. This book is in a Western form and is full of suspense. I really enjoy reading books by Louis L’Amour‚ because they are full of action‚ and there’s never a dull moment. I have read a few of his other books before reading The Ferguson Rifle; however‚ this book amazed me and was a very good book to read. One reason I love reading books by Louis L’Amour is the way he uses imagery and makes you feel

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