Unit II 1402 Midterm Study Guide

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Unit II 1402 Midterm Study Guide
Term II 1402 Midterm Exam Study Guide

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
1) Which of the following adheres to the naming conventions for a text box control? 1) _______
A) LBLhoursworked B) txtHoursWorked
C) txthoursworked D) lblHoursWorked

2) Flowcharts are used to ________. 2) _______
A) describe the programs input and output
B) determine the controls required for a program
C) graphically depict the flow of a method
D) check for syntax errors

3) How would you display the Designer window if it is not visible in your project? 3) _______
A) Click View Designer on the Edit menu
B) Click the Designer option on the View menu
C) Press
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64) ______
A) Button B) Form C) TextBox D) all of the above

65) When you select a form control in design mode, ________. 65) ______
A) the project will automatically be saved B) its color changes to dark blue
C) the tool box will be visible D) its sizing handles appear

66) When Visual Studio displays a new project, a blank form is shown in the ________ window. 66) ______
A) ToolBox B) Designer C) Properties D) Project

67) When you have an item selected and press the F1 key, you get ________. 67) ______
A) tool-tip for the item B) properties window
C) context-sensitive help D) the solution explorer window

68) Which of the following is NOT the way to end a Visual Basic application? 68) ______
A) Click Debug on the menu bar, and then click Stop Debugging.
B) Press Ctrl+Alt+Break on the keyboard.
C) Click the down arrow on the Debug list box, and then click on Release.
D) Click the Close button on the applications window.

69) If the Visible property of a control is set to false, it ________ in the Designer window. 69)
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73) ______

A) txtInput = lblDisplay B) lblDisplay.Text = txtInput.Text
C) txtInput.Text = lblDisplay.Text D) lblDisplay = txtInput

74) What is the result after evaluating the following expression: 24 Mod 9? 74) ______
A) 2 B) 3 C) 6 D) 5

75) What will be assigned to the label when the following statements execute?

Dim dblVal As Double = 11.75 lblResult.Text = dblVal.ToString("n3") 75) ______

A) 11.75 B) 12 C) 11.750 D) $11.75

76) All numeric and date data types have a ________ method that returns a string representation of the contents of the variable. 76) ______

A) String B) ToText C) Convert D) ToString

77) The ________ control(s) can have the focus. 77) ______
A) Label B) TextBox and Button
C) TextBox D) Button

78) The contents of a text box may be cleared in Visual Basic code by ________. 78) ______
A) clicking the clear button
B) setting the focus on the control and using the back space key
C) assigning the predefined constant String.Empty to the text property
D) setting the focus on the control and using the delete key

79) The ________ property appears in parentheses so it will appear at the top of the alphabetical Property list. 79)

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