British Foreign Policy Before World War One

Topics: British Empire, Russian Empire, World War I Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: September 7, 2010
British Foreign Policy pre WW1

• At turn century Britain’s predominant position in the world was being challenged by: a. German, Japanese & American industrial & commercial competition threatening Imperial trade. b. French & Russian Imperial threats (with Japan growing) to territory eg Egypt, S. Africa, Persia, Far East & India. c. Nationalist ‘stirrings’ in Ireland, S. Africa, India d. The Boer War of 1890’s had shaken the Br belief that they held power over the world. The alliance between Russia & France in 1894 could be interpreted as a threat.

• The Empire had been run ‘cheaply’ & using naval supremacy. ‘We are attempting to maintain the largest Empire the world has ever seen with armaments and reserves that would be insufficient for a 3rd class power.’ Britain needed allies and feared an alliance between Germany, France & Russia (however unlikely) because it would isolate Br in Europe. Britain’s principal enemy had been Russia (Crimea War), who threatened Empire directly in Asia, Middle East & India. In 1893 the British fleet concluded that they could no longer compete against the Russian in the Black Sea. An alliance was now essential. From 1904, Br realized that the price of Fr & Russian support was diplomatic & moral support for them in their disputes with Germany & Austria. Br was therefore hoping to preserve the European ‘balance of power’ to protect her Imperial concerns. Britain’s mistake (& others) was to believe that this meant curbing the expansionist German Weltpolitik. In fact, it was the crumbling Austrian Empire in the Balkans that was to upset the ‘balance’ & cause WW1. Russia was funding the Balkan League to overthrow the Hansburgs; Turkey was leaning towards Russia & the ‘nationalist’ movement was strong in Serbia & Bulgaria. Br had no plans to preserve Austrian independence because no Br interests were directly threatened, except now the need to gain Russian support.

• Key elements of British foreign policy:
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