Brand Image Attitude and Perceptions toward a Brand during the Course of an Acquisition in the UK Clothing Industry

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Brand Image Attitude and Perceptions towards a Brand during the Course of an Acquisition in the clothing industry in the UK

Brand is a powerful tool to attract more consumers to buy particular products. In a developed country like UK, clothing industry is one of the major industries that substantially contribute to the economy. As consumer’s decision making plays a big role in any market, it is vital to study how consumers make their choices when purchasing clothes to evaluate the impact of any particular brand in the market, especially due to the availability of various existing varieties and tough competition among different brands. Not all consumers are loyal to a single brand and many; often switch between different brands possibly due to different marketing techniques and promotional offers used by competing brands. This poses economic risk to certain brands and even to the nations that represent these brands. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the producers of these clothes to study the consumer behaviour and their preferences towards various promotional offers and discounts; an effective market research in this regard may include questions that enquire the consumers about the promotional schemes that attracted them, the advertising media through which they can most likely be reached, their interests in knowing more about the brand. As far as the UK clothing industry is concerned, there is a fashion for own brand development, determined markets, tough competitive activities, a polarized marketplace, short-life-cycle products, as well as fluctuating consumer requirements (Marciniak and Bruce, 2004; Siddiqui et al., 2003). As per Moore (1995), textile retailers tend to be inclined to create product differentiation in which they can distinguish themselves from their potential competitors in terms of product character like design and price. Even though the UK is overwhelmed with fashion brands, the market is characterized by products with small differentiation (Birtwhistle and Freathy, 1998; moore, 1995).

Research Questions and aim
The aim of the research will be achieved by studying and discussing the below given objectives which are important aspects of this research effort. To identify the impact of branding as an element in consumers purchasing decision. To study the relationship between brand image and consumer purchasing behaviour. To study brand equity as resultant of branding.

How important is Brand Image Attitude and Perceptions in the eyes of the consumer and how it can help a company to attain exorbidant profits? How important is perception management?

Through qualitative research, test the above factors of Brand as an important element in consumer purchasing decision.

Structure of the research:
(Introduction): This will consists of background of the clothing industry, aims and objectives and structure of the research. Literature Review:This will explain consumer behaviour towards brands and perspective of clothing industry in UK.

(Research Methodology): This includes the research approach, aims and objectives of the research.

(Data Collection): This includes data collection which will be used for analysis and to reach objective of this research by conducting the interviews. This chapter consists of analysis and results of the findings from the interviews and other sources. Chapter 6(Conclusions and Recommendations): This chapter draws the conclusions and key findings from various chapters and provides important recommendations. 2. Literature review

Consumer behaviour refers to the activities in which people acquire, consume and dispose products and services (Blackwell et al., 2001). In this chapter, the literatures regarding the roles of brand and brand equity are to be reviewed so as to provide a theoretical framework for the analysis. 2.1 The important roles of brand

Brand is a name in every consumer’s mind (Mooij, 1998). Branding helps in knowing...
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