Brand Identity

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Physique according to him is the basis of the brand.
–E.G. the physique ofPhilips is “technology and reliability” while for the brand Tata it is “trust” •Personality is same as Aaker, it answers the question “what happens to this brand when it becomes a person?” •Culture symbolizes the organization, its country-of-origin and the values it stands for. –E.G. traditional brands like balsara, dabur and zandu.

Relationship is the handshake between consumer and the
–E.G. the relationship with “safola” is safety.
•Reflection is the consumer’s perception for what the brands stands for. –E.G. coke’s image more attract youth.
•Self-image is what the consumer think of himself.
–E.G.benz Car owner think that since he has bought the car he is treating himself to one of the best car in the world. Let us understand the model in detail…
What is a Brand???
“ A Brand is a complex symbol. It is the intangible sum of a product’s attributes, its name, packaging and price, its history, reputation, and the way it’s advertised. A brand is also defined by consumer’s impression of people who use it, as well as their own experience ” - David Ogilvy

Now let us look at how Brand Experience is differentiated… Brand Experience are ofTwo types – EXTERNAL, INTERNAL
The External Brand Experience include
•Brand Identity
•Products & Service
The Internal Brand Experience include
•Business Process
•Customer Relations
•Brand Values
•Staff Motivation
•Recruitment Policies
•Technology etc..
Now let us look at the Brand Identity Prism based on Kapferer model and the 6 key dimensions in it •Physical –Product features, symbols & attributes
•Personality –Character & attitude
•Relationship –Beliefs & association
•Culture –Set of Values
•Reflection –Customer’s view of the brand
•Self-Image –Internal mirror of customer as user of brand Let us now understand the prism with some examples…

Two aspects of Brand Identity
- Sender
* Physique - Kapferer means what the central purpose of the brand is (that is what the brand does)
* Personality - Kapferer means the soul of the brand
- Receiver
* Reflection - Kapferer means how the individual in the targeted group identify himself as a person in relation to the brand
* Self image - Kapferer means how the individual in the targeted group identify the brand in relation to himself
The Relationship is, according to Kapferer, externalizing the brand from the company outwards, and the culture is an aid for internalizing the brand in the organization and in to the conscious of the customer. The Culture is, according to Kapferer, the strongest dimension in the prism. It represents the difference between one brand and another.

Comparative Analysis (1)
* Nike centred their brand equity model on the platforms, the endorsement focus strategy, creating a * dominant media presence, development of Flagship stores, Nike Town and sub-branding * The Adidas strategies were based on, endorsement focus strategy, advertising, sponsorship programs * focusing on major global events, sports associations, and teams, and sub-brands * To create brand awareness both companies have been using endorsement strategies in their brand-building programs * What differs is that Adidas focuses on sponsorship of teams and events e.g. national teams and big sport events like the Olympic Games and different World Championship events. This will help them to create awareness with help from different types of media * In contrast Nike has their focus on individuals like M. Jordan and T. Woods and their success stories * About the second strategy, advertising… Nike’s advertising strategy was to create dominant presence in media. Nike created media presence in several trend setting United States cities. TV ads linking Nike to a city were used, but real drivers were huge oversized billboards and...
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