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MKTG 680-01: International Marketing, Spring 2006 Exam 2 Review Questions

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Note: These questions are illustrative. In addition to studying this set, you should also consult the relevant chapters of your text and your lectures notes. Review this set and feel free to discuss with me, should you have any questions or concerns.

Chapter 10 – Product and Brand Decisions 1. Generally speaking, which of the following statements is true concerning product attributes: a. Tangible product attributes are more important than intangible ones. b. Intangible product attributes are more important than tangible ones. c. Both tangible and intangible product attributes are important. d. Neither tangible nor intangible product attributes are important. Advertising, company name, news stories, and promotion activities are a few of the elements that contribute to a company’s: a. logo development b. brand equity c. brand image d. cobranding effort It has been said that, if terrorists succeeded in destroying every Coca-Cola production facility on the planet, company executives could approach virtually any bank and borrow the billions necessary to rebuild the company. This is a reflection of which concept: a. brand equity cobranding b. c. brand image d. brand extension e. brand loyalty ____________ represents the cumulative added value of a company’s investment in the marketing of a brand over time. a. Brand extensions b. Cobranding Brand image c. d. Brand equity e. Brand loyalty The Nike swoosh, McDonald’s golden arches, and Apple’s rainbow apple are all examples of: a. non-word marks b. brand extensions c. brand symbols global brands d. e. both a and c British entrepreneur Richard Branson has built a global business empire by: a. relying on brand extension b. being the first to use smart cards in major markets c. developing local brands d. avoiding consumer businesses with established leaders Maslow’s hierarchy is applicable to global marketing because it can help explain how: a. “Self-actualization” is the highest-order need in Japan as well as Western nations. b. Status needs in different countries can only be fulfilled with localized products. c. Basic human needs can drive the development of global products. d. “Luxury badging” is irrelevant to companies marketing in Asia. Comparing the traditional formulation of Maslow’s hierarchy with the results of current research on the consumer needs and motivation in Asia, which of the following is correct: a. The lowest 3 levels of the hierarchy are the same in the traditional and Asian versions. b. The lowest 2 levels of the hierarchy are the same in the traditional and Asian versions. c. The lowest 4 levels of the hierarchy are the same in the traditional and Asian versions. d. The five levels in the traditional formulation apply equally in the West and in Asia. Which of the following could hinder the success of products labeled “Made in Russia” or “Made in South Africa” in export markets: MKTG 680-01, Spring 2006, Exam 2 Review Questions Master Copy --- Page 1 of 9









a. b. c. d. 10.

no possible quality/price positioning low acceptance of private brands high product saturation levels in global markets negative country-of-origin bias

The success of many imported beers in the U.S. “premium” segment illustrates the influence of: a. attitudes towards foreign products b. price advantage because of currency fluctuations complementarity c. d. penetration pricing strategy Campbell’s has been marketing soup in Japan for more than 40 years. Early on, Japanese consumers were not receptive to ads featuring the Campbell Kids and the “M’m M’m Good” slogan. This compelled Campbell’s to develop ads featuring a talking soup can known as “Mr. Campbell.” Campbell’s also developed soup varieties for Japan with fish as the main protein source and spices that reflect local preferences. As described here, which of the following strategies has Campbell’s...
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