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Topics: Safety, Patient, Health care, Hospital, Physician, Implementation / Pages: 4 (894 words) / Published: Oct 4th, 2013
Case Analysis
Children´s Hospital and Clinics
Manuel Jesus Clouthier Perez
Team #7

October 5, 2012


Children´s Hospital and Clinics was formed in 1994 because of the merger between Minneapolis Children´s Medical Center and Children´s Hospital St. Paul. The hospital medical services went from very basic care to very complex treatments.
In 1999, Brock Nelson the CEO of the hospital named Julie Morath as the new COO of Children’s Hospital and Clinics. Julie had a lot of experience on patient care administration and put all her efforts on a strategy to make safety the top priority in the hospital. While they were implementing the strategy, an accident with a kid happened and had to be resolved.


Problem #1: The implementation of the patient safety strategy has not been fully successful.
There is no clear way to measure effectiveness of these programs.
Not everybody on the hospital agree that the strategy will work.
Change of leadership in the implementation.

Problem #2: The accident with Mathew is going to make the parents ask questions and the hospital has to define how to act; and there isn’t any clear decisions they yet.


Problem #1

Doctors and nurses used to get defensive when they were broached on the topic of safety. To them, talking about safety implied that that they were doing something wrong.
Julie developed a detailed strategic plan for the Patient Safety Initiative.
A patient safety steering committee that included board members, doctors, nursing and parents, was implemented.
Several employees expressed concern about the implementation of the strategy.
Responsibilities in employee´s job make difficult to focus on the effectiveness of changes.
Some people believed that the hospital has not moved boldly enough with respect to parental involvement.
One surgeon expressed that talking openly about accidents was an invitation to trouble.
The PSSC thinks it´s

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