Brand Element Analysis

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Brand elements analysis

Brand elements analysis
The market competition is very fierce so most companies are not only having one brand product; they often need to launch a new brand to develop new markets. Behind every new brand, there is not only a motive power from intense market competition but also is the companies’ ambitions of expand territory. New brand will not have too much influence to the companies’ original brand which means company tend to be undertake less risk. Thus it is a good choose for companies to launch a new brand to expand the size of company. When company wants to launch a new brand, they need to consider many brand elements and there are six general criteria (which are memorable, meaningful, likable, transferable, adaptable and protectable) that use to assess these brand elements. The main brand elements are Names, logos and symbols, characters, URLs, jingles and packaging. First of all, every product needs a name that is the most basic and central elements of a brand. Brand name is the sign of a product which should have brand awareness and brand association. Yahoo, Dove and Tide are just a few example. Brand names can be enhancing the brand recognition and useful to make people have a verbal imager. However, there are some limited on transferable and meaningful. It is not easy to change the brand name which means adapt is difficult. As a successful brand name, it should be easy to make consumers remember and recognized as a means to memorable. Take coca-cola as an example, it first shipped in shanghai in 1924 and the first Chinese name of coca-cola was very strange in spelling and meaning, so the sale volume was low. Next year, they changed to a simple Chinese name which is easier to pronounce and writing. As a result of it, coca-cola had becomes famous and got a good sales volume in China. A good brand name can also save millions of dollars over the product's life because it describes the product's advantages. It is the most...
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