Brain drain

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Migration was existed a long, long time ago. Biblically, Moises led his flock of believers to the Promised Land and several others followed. On the other hand, the Greeks also had theirs and called it “diaspora” which means dispersal. The Britons’ conquest of the United States of America, Canada, Australia and South Africa were even considered as another form of migration. In the present day, Asians were rank highest in terms of the most number of migrants, either in a neighboring Asian country or in the other continents. Apart from the records that will surely show the numbers, our neighborhood alone will reveal the score particularly China and India who had the most numbers of migrant workers. Chinese migrants started traveling thousands of years ago, while it is true that they left mainland China illiterate and poorly educated. Today, they are among the highly educated and most dominant business leaders in the majority of East Asian countries. In fact, most businesses are controlled by this race. The Gokongweis, Cojuangcos, Gotianuns, Uytengsus, Gatchalians, Sys, Tans, Tys and countless Chinese sounding family names are bywords in the country’s businesses and have held influences all over the world. Indians are almost everywhere too and proof of this is happened recently, they are buying companies in the USA and in the Philippines, most of them are in the accessories and lending businesses. As of today, it is estimated that there are 25 million Indian migrants scattered all over the world. The Philippines is in the fourth rank with over ten (10) million Filipinos abroad, majority of them, however, are in the USA and are mostly health professionals. The Middle Eastern countries and other continents likewise have played hosts to some health professionals, IT experts, construction engineers and workers as well as caregivers.

Another turn of events is the long queues of some medical practitioners in the offices of the Philippine Overseas and Employment Agency (POEA) and even the first-class domestic helpers representing the well-educated teachers are squeezing in as well in droves. While they are belonged to different echelons, they all have one common goal, which is to have better financial reward. Therefore, brain drain has been the downside of the seemingly government-sponsored economic migration.

Migration was already considered as the most preferred option not only for the skilled workers but also for the ordinary Filipinos who wants to uplift their living condition. In both instances, the advent of modern technology has been the biggest contributor to this phenomenon. News or reports about progressive countries or cities and the better lives of their inhabitants, whether true or not, can be heard or seen right in there or their neighbors’ living rooms. For that matter, the dream to try their luck mounts.

One of the reasons why skilled professionals from the Philippines migrate to developed countries is because of its economic condition. The wage given to the workers especially those skilled are lower compare to abroad. Some of the economic problem faces by the Philippines until now is poverty, graft and corruption, limited professional opportunities and weak management of the government. These problems contribute on our skilled professionals to work abroad because hopelessness comes within them if they continue stay herein. There must be an intensify campaign launch by the Philippine government to limit the migration of skilled workers, professionals and the ordinary immigrants abroad otherwise the country will goes to nowhere. One main economic problem experienced is that the local Filipino population becomes too dependent on the remittances sent back home by the OFWs. According to the World Bank’s 2005 Global Economic Prospects report, there is evidence to suggest that remittances retard local development by crowding out entrepreneurial initiative. This...
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