brain drain

Topics: Human migration, Brain drain, Human capital Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: December 1, 2013
What Is Brain Drain?
Brain drain is also known as “The human capital flight”. It can be simply defined as the mass emigration of technically skilled people from one country to another country. Brain-drain can have many reasons, for example-political instability of a nation, lack of opportunities, health risks, personal conflicts etc. Brain-drain can also be named as “human capital flight” because it resembles the case of capital flight, in which mass migration of financial capital is involved.The term brain-drain was introduced by observing the emigration of the various technologists, doctors and scientists, from various developing countries (including Europe) to more developed nations like USA. Now this phenomenon of brain drain has a conversed effect for a country in which people are getting migrated and brain-drain of a nation becomes brain-gain for that particular country. Usually all developing countries including India are suffering from brain drain and developed countries like USA are having brain gain from this phenomenon. The loss of a country when skilled and intelligent people leave it to go and live in other countries for better opportunities is called brain drain. In India the tendency to go abroad is growing rapidly. The growing urge among the Indian families to send their children to foreign lands especially the west is getting even stronger despite the fact that our country is in no way lacking in having excellent educational institutions.

The urge to go to the west has become compelling in our country in post-independence years. If we look into the reason for the brain drain phenomenon, it will be cleared that the educational pattern of country is not up to the mark. It does not serve the needs of the country. Other reasons are unrecognised or unrewarded talents and lack of job opportunities for trained professionals.

This is the start of the brain drain of the young. Lure of higher salaries in hard currency, better living and favourable...
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