BPL Project Final

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This is to certify that Jitendra Kumar the student of "SPRINGDALE COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, PILIBHIT" has under taken his project work under my guidance. His survey Titled - A Critical Survey On B.P.L.

This survey has undertaken for the partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award" Bachelor Of Business Administration". This is further certified that to the best of my knowledge. This work has not been submitted else when for the award of any degree and has not been published for any purpose to the best of management information collected through this survey work shall be used only of the research purpose.


The great English Dramatist, Shakespeare rightly said that, world is a stage, the life is a drama and every body is playing his/her role knowingly with different levels of expertise. But with continuously changing environment which has thrown the people in a ocean of advancements, relating to technology, social environment, cultural conditions, economy and so on. This life has taken the form of a typical drama which has to be played under an environment of uncertainly and thus leads to a multiple of tensions. In order to play his/ her role efficiently and effectively some means of recreation and essential for the peo­ple to overcome the tensions and exertion caused by heavy workloads and tight schedules for the people. From time to time these modes of recreations has been changed with the respective technological advancement. When we steeped in 20th century, the scientific age of our civilisation was started and we got electricity which is termed as the eyes of science. Electrification of recreation was so began and gave rise to various modes for recreation like Radio, Slides, Gramophones, Cinema and Television. In modern life Television has occupied a very impor­tant place because it emphasises on almost all the spheres of life educational, social, political, moral etc. (TABLE OF CONTENTS)

Chapter - I Introduction
Company Profile
Chapter - II BPL : An Introduction
Main Constituents of the group
Chapter - III Indian Economic Reforms
Liberalisation and Globalisation of Indian Economy
An Introduction
Chapter - IV Statement of Objective
Significance of Objective
Chapter - V Research Methodology
Chapter - VI Data Analysis & Interpretation Tabulation of Data Graphical Representation
Chapter-VII Findings
Chapter - VII Conclusions And Recommendation
Chapter - IX Limitation
Annexure :
Growth of the group
BPL Network

In 1961, T.P.Gopalan Nambiar, at time a non- resident Indian working in England, nursed vision. A vision to Pioneer the manufacture of Superior quality electronic products in country. This vision become a reality with the setting up of country's first factory for the manufacture of hermetical sealed Precision Panel meters in an industrially obscure Place, Palghat, in Kerala. Thus a tradition of first emerged, along with commitment to quality in several product area like electrocardiographs, patient monitoring systems, electronic stencil scanners, carrier communication equipment flat square tube colour television, critical com­ponents for colour television, critical components for colour television and so on. Today, with more than 30 years of experience, BPL has solidly established its position in the Electronic Industt. Its spectacular growth is reflected in its modern and comprehensive manufacturing infrastructure that harnesses the power of superior technology to mass produce quality Products. The BPL Group concentrates on eight Product areas viz. computers com­munications, components, instruments (Industrial, medical & measurement) of­fice automation, consumer electronics, home appliances & refrigeration.

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