Book analysis on When I Was Puertorican by Esmeralda Santiago

Topics: Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Esmeralda Santiago Pages: 3 (731 words) Published: February 8, 2014
What characters are round?
Esmeralda, Ramona, Pablo

What characters are flat? 
Norma, Delsa, Hector, Edna, Alicia, Raymon 

Internal an external characteristics of the protagonist.

Internal: Disciplined, helpful, kind, smart, cheerful, fun, considerate and curious. External: Young, Puerto Rican, black, dark brown eyes, skinny

Which characters have indirect characterization?
The man in the sombrero
Explain: Esmeralda didn't know who he was, she only explain what he was saying and doing but she never found out who the man really was.

What is the theme presented through the narrative?
I'd say the main theme is identity.

In what point of view is the story being told? Explain why
The story is told in first person person because it was being told by the point of view of the protagonist 

What method of presentation was used? Explain
The story was presented in chronological order because the story starts from when she was a little girl and went on until she was in college.

Was there dialogue? Yes or No 
The story did have dialect because of all the Puerto Rican vocabulary used even though it isn't translated in English, for example they say Lalo's Finca instead of Lalo's Farm.

What was the tone? Explain
The tone was humorous 

What was the style? Explain
The style was simple because it explain things clearly to make it easy.

Book summary:

Esmeralda Santiago, Negi, had no idea how hard her childhood would be. With constant moving around and the nonstop bickering of her parents, it was tough for Negi to find her identity. A move to the big city changed her life forever. The author of When I was Puerto Rican writes about finally finding her identity. When Negi was a young girl, she lived in a tin house in Macún, Puerto Rico. Her family moved around a great deal because of her father’s unsteady job and her parents constant bickering. They moved to Santurce, a suburb of San Juan, several times. During this time her mother was...
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