journey enrique chapter 3

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Enrique Journey
Chapter 6-7
Jorge Chedraui

May 21, 2000 and Enrique is waiting in the edge of the water with two other Mexicans to cross the river. On the other side of river we can find a big pole equipped with American patrol cameras. Enrique doesn’t have idea that there are also patrol vehicles nearby; he can’t see it in the darkness. This river is famous because a lot of people have died their so Enrique Is afraid of crossing the river. He finally passes with a plastic bag as “el tindaro” guides him in the inner tube. After they cross the river they need to wait until the patrols leave and after that “el tindaro” gives them soda and bread. Once they are ready el tirindaro leads them over some obstacles until they finally reached a short street. There a Car flashes its light. The group jumps into the car, where a couple greets them. Enrique falls asleep. When he wakes again, el tirindaro is not there anymore. They arrive and Enrique enjoys and sees how America is. After 122 days of traveling, finally Enrique reunites with his mother. He just runs to her bed and hug and kiss her very hard. During this time Enrique get to know Diana, his nine-year-old sister. Soon enough Enrique and her mom start to have some problems because the different mentality they have. After some hard days between them they finally reconcile, but the difficulties persist. One day, Enrique encourages Maria Isabel to come north, and she agrees to leave the baby behind. After a while Enrique relationship with her mom is worst, he starts drinking more and wasting all his money in bars and starts smoking marijuana again. Although he wants to bring Maria Isabel north he is not spending money at all, he has even been caught speeding, and spends over a thousand dollars in court fines. Back in Honduras, to escape the scrutiny of Enrique’s family, Maria Isabel moves from her aunt Gloria home to the home where her mother, Eva, lives. Enrique has been in the states for over two years...
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