narrative organizer PART ONE

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Narrative Organizer
Part One

Next, complete the graphic organizer by adding details to each section so that you are planning the details for your Narrative Essay. Beginning
The story is told in the first person, so we don’t know the name of the narrator until almost the end. The narrator goes to the underground graveyard, of the Montresor family. where we supposed keeps his wine. We discover the narrator name when Fortunato call him “Montresor.” The story begins by telling that Fortunato hurt and insulted him. The narrator takes Fortunato deeper and drunker into the catacomb.Fortunato just talk about the Amontillado. Before Montresor puts in the last brick, Fortunato jingles his bells. The narrator want get revenge. He meets Fortunato, that is dressed up for a carnival celebration and is drunk. Fortunato walks into a hole that’s part of a crypt. The narrator begins to close Fortunato in the hole by filling in the opening with bricks. So, Montresor finishes the job and leaves him there to die.

The narrator mentions that he found a barrel of a rare brandy called Amontillado. Fortunato wants verifying the wine’s authenticity. When he has one brick left, he psychologically tortured Fortunato until he begs for mercy. At the end, We discover that the whole affair happened fifty years ago, and nobody discovered.
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