Body Image

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“Body Image”

Would you prefer a healthy body image or be extremely thin for a movie? (Attention grabber) Body image is how you view yourself and you have confidence about hoe you feel. (Definition of topic) Hollywood portrays men and women as thin, muscular, and perfect, but not all people see themselves as up to that standard. (Counterargument) The media body image should have no limits; you should not try to look or be like something or someone you’re not. (Thesis Statement)

First of all, a healthy body image produces many health benefits. (Topic sentence) People with a healthy body image tend to make more healthy decisions about food and exercise. (Logical example) If a person feels good about how their body looks, they are more responsible about how they take care of it. (Connection to reason) Jennifer Lawrence stated she would not want girls to skip meals to have a “media body.” (Text example) Skipping meals causes people to lose vital nutrients needed to sustain a healthy immune system. (Connection to reason) Healthy eating promotes a healthy body. (Closing sentence)

Secondly, a healthy body would cause less eating disorders. (Topic sentence) People with eating disorders do things like throw up their food after just getting done eating it. (Logical example) If a person has a healthy body image and isn’t trying to starve themselves for a part, they are most likely to not have eating disorders. (Connection to reason) Jennifer Lawrence also stated she was a fat actress. (Text example) It shouldn’t matter how fat or skinny you are, you...
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