Rhetorical Analysis

Topics: Obesity, Rhetoric, Nutrition Pages: 3 (817 words) Published: April 8, 2014

Professor Mageean
English 1C
1 April 2014
Rhetorical Analysis
Obesity rates are soaring throughout the United States. “Today, two thirds of American adults are obese or overweight”(Brink and Querna 620). This quote is explaining how obesity has become a concern for many people in our culture. The obesity rate among Americans has gotten worse over the years. The topic of weight is very prevalent among people in today's society. Everywhere you look you see people of different weights and appearances. Obesity affects Americans of all ages, sexes, and racial/ethnic groups. This essay is targeting all Americans but talks mostly about the children and teenagers. Obesity can cause serious medical conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Of the four essays in the “What (and How) should we eat” this essay’s argument has all three rhetorical appeals and pathos being the strongest in my opinion.

The Essay establishes credibility by explaining some examples of relevance to the issue under debate. Like when Brinks and Querna say, “It’s everywhere”. Tank up your car, and you walk past soft pretzels with cheese sauce”. “Grab a cup of coffee, and you see doughnuts, danishes, and cookies the size of hubcaps”. Stop at Staples for an ink cartridge, and you confront candy bars at the register”. Stroll past the receptionist’s desk at the office, and find somebody’s leftover Christmas cookies, Valentine’s Day candy, Easter Peeps, birthday cake, or vacation saltwater taffy”(620). This is a very true statement because everywhere you look; there is an increase in high calorie sweets on the counters of any store. Americans believe that Obesity is becoming a serious issue here in the United States because a lot of his arguments are very true. This goes back to Americans believing that something should change or else there is going to be big health risk in their life. The essay uses pathos because it is incorporating fear into the target audience when it says “What’s worse,...
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