Cultivation Theory Informative Speech

Topics: Mass media, Body shape, Cultivation theory Pages: 4 (996 words) Published: May 4, 2014
I) Intro:
A. Attention GrabberImagine growing up reading tabloid magazines on ways you could be more beautiful or reading about all the hot gossip. Then finding out one day that what you’re reading is affecting your behavior and changing your perception of reality. B. TopicTheres a theory that has an enourmous amount of impact on people today. C. Citation being exposed to media constanlty in a society that we live in today, the media changes viewers attitudes on what is reality and what is not. I have seen in my life how growing up reading fashion magazine and watching Americas Next Top Model has distorted my image of what is beautiful. Trying to live up to the medias expectation of a “good body” destroyed my life at one point on being confident and I want others to be aware of how the media affects us without knowing it. MAIN POINT 1 The Cultivation is the theory that affects our view of reality. MAIN POINT 2Its changed the images of what body types are beautiful and what are “unnacceptable”. MAIN POINT 3Violence in video games and movies have an effect on peoples behaviors. CLOSINGThis is important because peoples perception may be changing because of the media without them knowing it. II) Main Point 1 : What is the Cultivation Theory

-The cultivation theory was developed by a professor named George Gerber, dean of the Anneberge School of Communications at the university of Pennsylvania. -conducted a research project in the mid- 60’s to study and research how watching television may influence a viewers’ idea of what the everyday world is like. According to the website University of Twente, “Gerber argues that the mass media cultivate attitudes and values which are already present in a culture” - 2 different categories that they can distinguish them from, the heavy and light weight viewers. According to the Mass Com Theory: heavy viewers are thought to be ‘cultivating’ attitudes that seem to believe that what they watch on television is what the real...
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