Topics: Hydrogen peroxide, American Dental Association, Sodium perborate Pages: 4 (653 words) Published: February 25, 2015
Division of City Schools
Manila, Philippines
Victorino Mapa High School

Amount of Hydrogen Peroxide Concentration to be applied in the Materials used in In-Office Bleaching Technique and Walking Bleach Technique

Harvey D. Abdosan

Ms. Luzviminda A. Dinglasan
(Research Adviser)
One of the problems of Filipino today is the yellowish teeth they have. Some of them are afraid to smile because they are ashamed of their teeth. Now is there any process that can help them with this kind of problem? Bleaching is a whitening process that can occur in solution or on a surface (Elsevier 2006). Therefore, bleaching is a process that can help Filipino with their problem. This process is called Teeth Bleaching. It is one of the options of teeth whitening ( Teeth bleaching techniques depends on the vitality of the teeth of the patient or where it will be done. Bleaching of non-vital teeth, these teeth are changed in color after endodontic treatment. Non- vital procedures, this includes “In-Office Non-Vital Bleaching Technique” and “Walking Bleach Technique”. A certain amount of peroxide compounds, counting carbamide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, sodium perborate and calcium peroxide, have been utilized as dynamic elements for fading materials (American Dental Association 2009). This research will be conducted to determine how much hydrogen peroxide concentration should be applied in the “In-Office Bleaching Technique” and “Walking Bleach Technique” materials to be more effective in teeth whitening. Statement of the Problem

General Objective:
This study will investigate the effect of the certain amount of hydrogen peroxide applied to the material used in in-office bleaching and walking bleach technique in teeth whitening.
Specific Objectives:
1. To investigate the effect of different materials with different hydrogen peroxide concentration in teeth whitening. 2. To differentiate the amount of...

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