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  • Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogen Peroxide & Inorganic Peroxy Compounds Hydrogen Peroxide Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is the simplest peroxide (a compound with an oxygen-oxygen single bond). It is also a strong oxidizer. Hydrogen peroxide is a clear liquid‚ slightly more viscous than water. In dilute solution‚ it appears colorless.  Reactions Decomposition Hydrogen peroxide decomposes exothermically into water and oxygen gas spontaneously: 2 H2O2 → 2 H2O + O2 This process is thermodynamically favorable. It has

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  • Catalase on Hydrogen Peroxide

    of this study was to test the rate of reactivity of the enzyme catalase on hydrogen peroxide while subject to different concentrations of an inhibitor. The hypothesis was that hydrogen peroxide will be broken down by catalase into hydrogen and oxygen‚ where a higher concentration of inhibitor will yield less oxygen‚ resultant of a lower rate of reaction. Crushed potato samples of equal weight were placed in hydrogen peroxide solutions of various temperatures. The results showed that less gas was produced

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  • The catalytic decomposition of Hydrogen peroxide

    affecting the catalytic decomposition of Hydrogen peroxide Please refer to the additional files for tables/graphs. Aim- The purpose of this investigation is to investigate how certain factors affect the catalytic decomposition of Hydrogen peroxide. I will investigate the effect of altering the mass of catalyst used on the rate of the decomposition of Hydrogen peroxide. Introduction- The decomposition of Hydrogen peroxide is a process by which Hydrogen peroxide decomposes into water and Oxygen. It

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  • Analyzing a Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

    Analyzing a Hydrogen Peroxide Solution Purpose: The technological purpose of this investigation is to test and evaluate the percent concentration of consumer solution of hydrogen peroxide. Problem: What is the percent concentration of hydrogen peroxide in a consumer product? Design: An acidic solution of primary standard‚ iron (II) ammonium sulfate-water (1/6)‚ is prepared and the potassium permanganate standard. A 25.0 mL sample of a consumer solution of hydrogen peroxide is diluted to 1

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  • Hydrogen Peroxide and Iodide Kinetics

    in INK – pencil or white-out will render the work ineligible for mark appeal) 1. What observations and conclusions can you note about each of the three reactions that occurred in the test tubes where you combined potassium iodide‚ KI‚ and hydrogen peroxide‚ H2O2 (in part 1) of the experiment? (Give a detailed explanation of any observations that you made‚ i.e.‚ what made the colour change‚ what reactions happened?) ANSWER: 2. Use the information below to develop the necessary calculations

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  • An investigation to compare the reaction rates between potato an hydrogen peroxide and liver and hydrogen peroxide

    An investigation to compare the reaction rates between potato and hydrogen peroxide against liver and hydrogen peroxide through loss in mass. Background information: Catalase is an enzyme that is found in all cells. This means that it is an intracellular enzyme. And enzyme is a biological catalyst. A catalyst is some thing that speeds up a reaction without being changed itself. Because of this enzymes and catalysts can be used again and again. Enzymes are protein chains that have a primary‚ secondary

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  • Determination of the Enthalpy for Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide

    Determination of the Enthalpy for Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide Objective: To construct a coffee cup calorimeter‚ measure its calorimeter constant‚ and determine the enthalpy of decomposition and formation of hydrogen peroxide. Background: This experiment is a classic thermodynamics lab. In it‚ we attempt to measure the enthalpy (H) of a chemical reaction. The main obstacle is that this is a quantity that cannot be measured directly. It instead is observed as heat from one substance is transferred

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  • Chemical Kinetics of Hydrogen Peroxide Decompotition

    Chemical Kinetics of Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition Purpose The purpose of this experiment was to determine the rate equation for the catalyzed decomposition of hydrogen peroxide H2O2. Procedure The procedure for this lab can be found on pages 36 - 40 in “General Chemistry CHE111L Laboratory Manual Spring 2014.” Data Tables Carbon copies of data tables and the graph have been attached to the back of this lab report. Calculations 30 mL of

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  • Catalytic Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide by Potassium Iodie

    Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide by Potassium Iodide Brief Description: Two solutions are mixed resulting in an eruption of foam resembling a huge stream of toothpaste. This is the classic “Elephant Toothpaste” reaction. Purpose/Goal: Procedure presents an example of a catalyzed reaction. Explanation of Experiment: The rapid evolution of oxygen gas is produced by the following reaction: 2 H2O2 (aq) = 2 H2O (l) + O2 (g) + heat The decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in the presence

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  • effect of temperature on hydrogen peroxide

    goggles and an apron or lab coat to protect our eyes and clothes. As we are using enzymes and Hydrogen Peroxide we need to be extra careful‚ ensuring they don’t come into contact with our eyes‚ skin or clothes. Catalyse is an enzyme found in all living cells. It makes Hydrogen Peroxide decompose into water and Oxygen. We will be measuring the amount of Oxygen released from the Hydrogen Peroxide. In order to do this we will use a measuring cylinder. This piece of apparatus measures the

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