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Topics: Vietnamese cuisine, Marketing, Strategic management Pages: 12 (1704 words) Published: August 6, 2014
Engr. Mariano T. See Diet (EVP & General Manager – Monolith Constructiion & Development Corporation) Engr. Manuel S. Mendoza, President
engineers from Monolith Construction, RM Cabanela, Jose Siao ling & Associates and other tradecontractors. Blog#4 SWOT Analysis Jollibee (philippines)
For my 4th blog i decided to SWOT about jollibee my favorite fastfood restaurant back home. Strengths:
- Jollibee has grown exponentially on all aspects on operation. - Superior menu line-up.
-Creative marketing programs.
- Efficient manufacturing and logistics facilities.
- It is a stronghold of heritage and monument of Filipino victory. Weakness:
- The first name that comes to the mind of the people when someone asks about fast-food restaurant. - The existence of other competitors.
-Became the first food service company to be listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. -Acquired Greenwich Pizza in 1994.
- Employees received extensive training so that they could learn the corporate values of integrity and humility. -Free wifi
-The rivalry between Jollibee and McDonald.
-Jollibee Foods Corporation is a family-owned chain with about P6.1 billion annual sales. It has however captured about 52% of the Philippines market ( compared with 16% of McDonald). -Jollibee was reported to have been using earthworms in its beef patties for many years to get customers ‘addicted’ to certain so-called chemical elements in earthworms. Blog#2 SWOT Analysis – Bulalo House


For my second blog i decided to SWOT about Bulalo House restaurant, a restaurant that specialize Filipino cuisine from soups to deserts. Bulalo House is located at 792 Somerset Street West Ottawa. I used to eat at this restaurant because they offer foods that i used to eat back home. S.W.O.T. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. it is a strategic marketing plan define by Ried. Strengths:

-It is the only Filipino Cuisine restaurant in the location but it is surrounded by Vietnamese and other Asian Restaurant at china town such as Pho Bo Ga, Vietnam palace, Pho bo Ga1, Pho bo Ga King and many more. this can be a threat also. competing with the other restaurants is very hard. -Good pricing is one of the reasons why i kept coming back and they give discount or free side dishes if you go dine in with a big group. -They have a large variety of Filipino dishes and deserts that  i like the most back home. -Menu items listed were accompanied by pictures to illustrate what the dishes should look like. this is good for people who are new in Filipino cuisine. -Service, very polite they change and fill our tea pots when it runs out. they also provide take outs if you want to take it home. they also have specials during the weekend. Weaknesses:

-They have two entrance which leads to some people confused
-Very basic Interior design, when you came from one side there’s a wall in between entrances. -Small sized tables, when you go with a group they have to move tables to fit everyone. -Surrounded with popular Vietnamese restaurant.

-Service time, they close early unlike Pho restaurant they open until 3AM. Opportunities:
-Offer Wifi, mostly customers now a days look for this. with Facebook, twitter and other social media people use them often with their gadgets. it also allows customers share their experience during the dining and attract more people to come in. -Kids meal is now a trend in this industry i think it would be great for them if they adopt it. -Liquor license is also a trend. back home people would have the meals that they serve when they drink alcohol. it would attract Filipinos to come. Threats:

-There are many restaurants around Chinatown there’s always a competition. -Taking a bus to china town for me is very time consuming sometimes i rather stay home and cook than going. Blog #2 SWOT Analysis – Pho May


For my second blog I’ve decided to write about Pho May, a Vietnamese cuisine specializing in pho located...
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